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Sportsheets The G-Spot Link Sex Position Strap Black

MSRP: $33.00
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The G-Spot Link Sex Named 'Perfect Prop' by Cosmopolitan Magazine!

This simple, soft, adjustable cuff and link set allows you to experiment with a variety of positions. Fasten your legs securely around your partner’s waist to take the stress off your legs with these cuffs and let your partner take you for a ride. Also perfect for missionary-position sex. It tilts the pelvis up for optimal G-spot or prostate sensation without the muscle fatigue of holding your legs in place. Machine washable.

Easily adjustable from 7 inches to 14 inches in circumference for maximum comfort, the strap in between the cuffs can be adjusted from 13 inches wide to just 3 inches. Hit the G-Spot every time. Instructional booklet included.

Color: Black
Materials: Nylon
Size: One size fits most
Features: G-spot finder, easier on both partners for extended play, body safe, waterproof

The January issue of Cosmopolitan magazine has hit the stands with a five-page feature dedicated to celebrating the New Year with a bang and Sportsheets' G-spot Link is featured as the "Perfect Prop." Touted as the "new kegel balls," sex positioning tools like the G-spot Link were recommended for couples looking to explore new positions, and Sportsheets is the industry's top source.

In the form of naughty New Year's resolutions, Cosmopolitan broke it down for readers curious to learn new and exciting ways to connect with their partners and take their sex lives to a new level. As the Perfect Prop, the G-spot link was praised for its soft ankle straps and easy ability for couples to achieve new angles and deeper penetration.

"It's a guaranteed crowd pleaser," Cosmopolitan writes.

The G-spot Link takes stress off of her legs and lower back and makes it easy and comfortable to adjust her hips for incredible stimulation - especially to her G-spot. Simply adjust the strap around each ankle, secure with Velcro®, and adjust to maintain the perfect depth and angle for long-term pleasure.