StockRoom Silicone Locking Adjustable Wrist Cuffs


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stockroom-logo1.gif The ultimate in leather free wrist restraints.

These classic locking wrist cuffs match our line of black silicone bondage gear. You’ll want to put these on your sub and lock them up for a while as you tease them relentlessly. Black and made of soft vegan food-grade silicone, they are allergen free so people with sensitive skin or bodies will love these. Featuring an O-ring for attaching a lock or handcuffs, and adjustable closure, these fit most sizes of wrists from 5 inch - 10 inches. Lock them up and steal away…or have your way. You choose. Introducing The Stockroom Silicone Line of supple, sexy, and strong silicone bondage gear!

"The handcuffs, I enjoyed... well, more than enjoyed. It was mind-blowing. You can do that to me again anytime." - Anastasia Steel.

Try slipping a blindfold over your lover's eyes to heighten their senses, and then tease them with a feather tickler to enhance pleasure and anticipation. Treat them to oral sex and watch as they squirm with delight, their movements restricted by the strong cuffs. Each silicone cuff has lockable roller buckle which make them inescapable, plus an O-ring for endless bondage possibilities. We offer matching Ankle and Wrist Cuffs, pairs sold separately. The locks are sold separately.

Color: Black, Silver
Materials: Food Grade Silicone, Nickel plating/Brass/Zinc/Steel
Size: Fits 5" - 10" Wrists
Width: 1.5 inch
Powered By: You
Weight: 5 oz
Additional Information: locking buckles, Phthalates Free, Unisex