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the stockroom stupid cute pink leather bondage gear collectionOnce the heart lock closes, they're yours.

Show your baby doll you care by locking them in StockRoom Stupid Cute Heart Lock Choker Pink Leather Collar! This lightweight, baby pink leather choker is made with top-quality leather, making it a comfortable and sexy addition to your everyday wardrobe. with a heart-shaped padlock to lock in place. To put on, simply unlock the Heart-shaped Padlock with one of the included keys, wrap the Choker around the neck and then lock it shut with the heart padlock. 

This high-end Stupid Cute Heart Lock Choker will fit men and women since it comes in 5 sizes, Small that fits up to 10.5 inches in circumference, Medium that fits up to 12.5 inches Large that will fit necks up to 14.5 inches, XLarge that will fit necks up to 15.5 inches and a XXLarge that will fit necks up to 16.5 inches.

The Stupid Cute Choker can become just as seductive as it is endearing by clipping a leash or chained nipple clamps through the dangling O-Ring. The Stupid Cute gear has the same smarts and quality construction that's made The Stockroom famous, but with a little extra touch of whimsy that evokes the best of innocence and experience. We make every piece by hand ourselves, using medium-weight garment leather in a gentle baby-pink color like the Choker Adjustable Pink Leather Collar. When you want to build a colorful playhouse for Daddy's Girl, start by furnishing it with some Stupid Cute gear and the rest of your fantasies will follow.

The Ankle Cuffs and Wrist Cuffs will make your favorite sub look more adorable than usual while keeping them exactly where you want. For an added touch, strap on the Pink Leather Bust Harness or the Stupid Cute O-Ring Choker. In all forms, this has been one of our most popular pieces of gear, but the Stupid Cute version gives you that extra-femme touch suitable for getting a handle on a baby doll who insists on being bad. If you want to show affection and discipline at once, the Heart Lock Choker will say it all with a single sharp click. Browse a little and indulge in the possibilities: These are some of our most special pieces, designed and handcrafted in our legendary Los Angeles workshop for the highest quality to bring your naughtiest dreams to life. The locks are sold separately.

Color: Pink, Silver
Materials: Garment Leather, Nickel plating/Brass/Zinc/Steel

  • Small fits neck up to 10.5 inch in circumference
  • Medium fits neck up to 12.5 inch in circumference
  • Large fits neck up to 14.5 inch in circumference
  • XLarge fits neck up to 15.5 inch in circumference
  • XXLarge fits neck up to 16.5 inch in circumference

Width: .5 inch, 1 inch(padlock)
Powered By: You
Weight: 5 oz
Additional Information: locking buckles, Phthalates Free, Unisex
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