Trojan Magnum Large Size Lubricated Condoms 12 Pack


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trojan condoms and lubricants While men and women will always argue over whether or not size matters, one thing is certainly clear: some men are bigger than others.

For the more well endowed, Trojan Magnum Extra Large Condoms are ideal, and are the biggest condoms on offer by Trojan. The same shape as classic Magnum condoms, only a bit larger, they are roughly 30% bigger than regular latex condoms and are tapered at the base for that extra bit of safety. Smooth lubricant is included on the outside for greater sensitivity and comfort, and the end has a reservoir tip for added protection against pregnancy.

The smooth texturing lets you work up a great glide, and a light water-based lubricant coating lasts for the entire experience. The popular Magnum design is significantly wider than standard condoms for your pleasure, while the base is tight enough to provide a secure fit. Trojan condoms are electronically tested, and Magnum Bareskin condoms feature a reservoir tip for enhanced protection.

Size: 12 pack
Ingredients: Latex