XR Brands Master Series Chrome Slave Collar and Bracelet Shackle Kit

Master Series

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master series bondage and sex toysEnjoy a stylish bondage session with the Chrome collar and shackles kit offers a combination of visual appeal and functionality.

We can offer you a full set of our best selling chrome slave bracelets and matching collar in a coordinated set. With a smooth mirror-finish, this chrome shackles and collar set allows you to give your partner something that not only is functional as restraints, but has that touch of class with the chrome the finish. Go ahead and make your partner kneel in front of you. Then slip this Chrome Slave Collar around their neck. The Medium/Large chrome slave collar will fit necks up to 18 inches in diameter. Not only can you make sure that everyone knows who you are the Master of, but you can notify them in style with the Medium/Large Chrome Slave Bracelets that will fit wrists up to 7.5 inches in diameter.

Both the Slave Collar and Slave Bracelets use an allen wrench to open and close them securely. Enjoy placing these on your partner. The chrome finish gives it stunning visual appeal and your partner will definitely know they are under your control. The collar and bracelets also include an O-ring so you can attach your favorite leash and locking restraint system. They use a unique locking pin mechanism, and have a heavy, significant feel. The Chrome Collar  around and the Chrome Bracelet Cuffs  around so they will fit women and most men.

Measurements: The Medium/Large Collar will fit necks up to 5.69 inches or 17.86 inches around; The Medium/Large Cuffs will fit wrists up to 2.375 inches or 7.45 inches around
Color: Chrome
Material: Chrome Plated Metal
Weight: 24 oz

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