XR Brands Master Series Magnet Master Stainless Steel Magnetic Ball Stretcher

Master Series

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master series fetish gear & sex toysRevel in the extreme tug on your nuts!

Weighing in at almost a pound, this ball-stretcher will get the job done simply with the sheer force of gravity creating a unique sensation that will amplify a sexual experience on your own or with a partner. Great for CBT enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys a strong tug on their scrotum, this heavy stainless steel ball-stretcher has two halves that hold together magnetically, with a portion that pulls off so that you can slide your scrotum in. The durable design gives you nearly a pound of weight to pull down on your balls. The inside diameter is 1.35 inches wide and external diameter is 2.25 inches wide so it will fit almost everyone's sack. 

 Made of highly durable stainless steel, this heavy ring will pull down on your scrotum to  Once the ring is secured, savor the 7.5 ounce weight yanking down on your balls while you jack off, get punished by your lover, or even go about your daily routine! The incomparable stimulation will intensify your sexual experience and heighten your climax! The powerful magnet makes this device easy to put on and take off, just be careful to keep all your skin within the ring! Master your domain. Explore an abyss of taboo fantasies with Master Series! Spanning all levels and niches of BDSM and Fetish, this devious collection includes essentials for chastity, puppy play, Master/slave, medical fetish and much more! Discover cutting-edge toys, tools, and devices that will make your inner Dominant or submissive tremble with excitement. Craft an unforgettable play scene with unique accessories from Master Series.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Measurements: Outer diameter is 2.25 inches; Internal diameter measures 34 mm, or 1.35 inches.
Weight: 15 oz 
Note: Includes magnetic ball stretcher

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