XR Brands Master Series Stainless Steel Adjustable Ball Crusher with Spikes

Master Series

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master series fetish gear & sex toysPunish your plaything, or even yourself, with a screwed up vice!

Shove that scrotum in and see what happens! Five sharp screws line one side of this evil contraption while a crank lowers steel bar, designed to squish the balls against the screws. Remove the screws for a different sensation as the scrotum is trapped between two metal edges. The crank twists down very gradually to allow you to take the pain and pleasure at your own pace. The Master Series Stainless Steel Adjustable Ball Crusher with Spikes consists of a loop topped spindle which tightens the vice, the bottom of the crusher has a row of five spikes, and the press above that is controlled via the spindle is flat smooth cool metal. The spikes aren’t overly sharp, but to sensitive body parts they can inflict intense pain particularly as the crusher can clap completely down onto them. The spikes are removable with an Allen key which is provided. You can remove the spikes completely or move them around, have alternative spikes, and more. It’s a rather customizable CBT device, yet still being very easy to use. Clean after use with soap and warm water.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Measurements: With screws, vice opens up to 1.8 inches from points. Without screws, vice opens up to 2.25 inches. Inner width measures 2.5 inches.
Weight: 15 oz 
Note: Includes ball crusher with adjustable screw and removable spikes

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