XR Brands Size Matters Premium Pumping Kit Intermediate with 2 inch Cylinder

Size Matters

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size matters sex toysThe Premium Penis Pumping Kit Intermediate is perfect for any man looking to add a little something to his sex life who has above average.

It offers stimulation, instant growth, and potential for permanent changes. Main features of the Size Matters kits are that it can enlarge your penis and create a larger erection, possible to enlarge your penis with regular use (instruction manual included). Penis pumping can enhance sensitivity to achieve better orgasms with suction play using vacuum sensation. The Premium Penis Pumping Kit comes complete with a Premium Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge, a 2 inch wide, 9 inch long Vacuum Cylinder, Leather Cock Strap to lock in your pumped up erection.

While the Pumping kit comes with everything you need to get started, its universal vacuum lock connector is also compatible with complete selection of Size Matters clit, nipple, and pussy pumps. These vacuum lock cylinders can also hold their vacuum even after the pump is disconnected. The Premium Penis Pumping Kit are all 9 inches in length and are available in 3 sizes such as, Beginner that uses a cylinder size that has a 1.75 inches diameter, Intermediate cylinder has a 2 inch diameter and the Advanced has a 2.25 inch diameter.

Measurements: Penis cylinder: 2 inches in diameter, 9 inches in length
Material: Acrylic, metal, rubber
Clear, Red, Black
Kit includes Premium Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge with hose, 2 inch penis cylinder, The Size Matters cylinders use high quality vac lock valves that allow the pump to be removed from the cylinder while keep pressure on area. Other pumps may not work with our cylinders.
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