Your Pleasure Map A Woman's Q& A Guide by Shanna Katz

Amorata Press

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A Woman's Q&A Guide to Hotter, Naughtier, More Adventurous Sex!

An adventurous sex guide for good girls that asks them what they really want and then leads them straight to it! Determining what one really likes in bed—and how to ask for it—is the key to a satisfying sex life. This comprehensive guide sizzles with hot tips for transforming boring sessions with ones lover into booming orgasms. More than just racy reading material, Pleasure Map is a playful interactive bedroom tool. Each section is based on a "Pick Your Passion" questionnaire that presents a steamy scenario and lets ladies pick what excites them most. Using those results, the books unique format shows the reader how to turn fantasies into reality.

Hot topics include: What stimulates your senses most: reading, watching, or listening? What foreplay leads to your greatest pleasure? What kind of erotica gets you off? What toys for big girls and boys are right for you? Which role would you most like to play in your hottest fantasy? What kinky adventure would you love to experience? These stimulating setups open the lines of bedroom communication and lead to hot, edgy, more fulfilling sex.

Synopsis: Explore Secret Desires

Your Pleasure Map leads you on the ultimate journey of sexual discovery. It asks tantalizing questions, then allows your answers to reveal what youre really lusting for, including:

  • Hidden Fantasies
  • Ultimate Turn-Ons
  • Untapped Passions
  • Desired Experiences
  • G-Spot Orgasms
  • Stimulation With Toys

Part workbook, part sex manual, this guide helps you discover what you want in the bedroom (or beyond), then teaches you how to get it. Follow its guidance to release your inner kinkiness and experience orgasmic bliss like never before.

Author: Shanna Katz
Publisher: Amorata Press
Binding: Paperback
Length: 272 Pages

Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS, is a board certified sexologist, sexuality educator and author. A member of ACS, SSSS, AASECT, NCSF and the ACLU, as well as on the board of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Rhode Island and the board of The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Colorado, she is actively involved in work towards equality and social justice for people of all identities. She lives in Denver, CO. Shanna is also a personal friend of the Owner of Dallas Novelty.