BMS Factory CutiePies Absorb-O-Rod DryStick Absorbing Drying Wand for Male Masturbators & Strokers

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authorized retailer BMS Factory Sex ToysThe CutiePies DryStick allows you to conveniently dry your masturbator the easy way!

Prolong the like of your doll or favorite toy with the reusable BMS Factory CutiePies Absorb-O-Rod DryStick! The BMS Factory CutiePies Absorb-O-Rod DryStick Absorbing Drying Wand for Male Masturbators & Strokers is compatible with most ThermoPlastic or flesh like materials, the Drying Wand will naturally withdraw the moisture from internal orifices, keeping your toy fresh and clean.

Use the CutiePies Absorb-O-Rod DryStick Absorbing Drying Wand to keep your TPRTPEUltraSkynCyberskinFanta Fleshreal skinUR3UR5 masturbators and all FleshLight or FleshJack toys ready for the next play session, it is also advised to apply some renewing powder like Cyberskin Renew Powder or Main Squeeze Refresh Powder after it is clean and dry. Store this Pleasure Products USA toy separately from other sex toys.

Material: absorbent
Use: unlimited
Measurements: 6.25 inch(long), .5 inch(wide)

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