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cyrex electrastim electrosex gear authorized retailer estim electrostimulationIf you need intensity, power, and the kind of electro play that you’ll be thinking about for days to come.

The ElectraStim Exo Rogue Prostate Massager in Silver is here to exceed all your expectations. The first of a new range of creative asymmetrical designs, the EXO Rogue is made using modern die-casting techniques and wears its clear polycarbonate ‘skeleton’ on the outside as an integral part of the overall shape. Plus, the clear base offers a window to the action during use for an added level of visual stimulation.

Made using modern die-casting techniques, ElectraStim Exo Rogue is no longer bound by the easier manufacturing process that more traditional symmetrical toys involve. Instead, the curved prostate massager heralds the start of more unique and interesting metal designs by ElectraStim. Designed for intense prostate stimulation, the heavy weight of Rogue Prostate Massager forces your muscles to contract internally to hold the massager in place which not only pushes the bulbous head more firmly against the P-spot but also intensifies the effect of the electro stimulation. As well as conducting the electro sensations more intensely, the mirror finish chrome-plated Rogue also allows you to experiment with temperature play for an extra dimension of pleasure.

Thanks to a clever magnetic closure, Exo Rogue also disassembles completely for thorough cleaning. Users can use the optional ‘Focus Sleeve’ included with Rogue to insulate the thinnest part of the massager’s neck which reduces the surface area internally and increases the level of stimulation you’ll experience when it’s fully inserted. A sure-fire winner for anal e-stim enthusiasts, Rogue is an intense and unforgettable experience that further expands the hardcore range of accessories available from ElectraStim. When paired with the KIX Introductory Stimulator in particular, users are able to experience a subtle type of electro-stimulation that showcases the more sensual side of e-stim.

For the best sensation, we recommend using some Conductive Gel (or high quality water-based lubricant) on the skin to ensure the best possible contact. Compatible with any ElectraStim Stimulator(sold separately), the inside of Explorer is insulated so that the wearer won’t receive any stimulation through their fingers during play. As with all electro-sex accessories and devices, Explorer must be used below the waist only.

  • Heavy-weight metal e-stim prostate massager - intense electro stimulation and muscle clenching!
  • Curved design with bulbous head - sits firmly against the prostate during use
  • Clear polycarbonate 'skeleton' - provides stability and a view of the action!
  • Three part design - disassembles completely for thorough cleaning
  • Optional silicone 'Focus Sleeve' - push the electro stimulation further internally by insulating the thinnest part of the toy
  • Rogue Prostate Massager (assembled)
  • Silicone ‘Focus Sleeve’
  • Microfibre Storage Bag
  • Multi-Language Instructions

ElectraStim specializes in making specialty E-stim products with pleasure in mind first and foremost. With a wide range of different electrosex toys that cater to both the entire gender and sexual preference spectrums, it’s no wonder why their products have earned them several notable awards. Using one of ElectraStim’s Stimulation packs such as the KIX EM40Flick EM60-EFlick EM60-MFlick Duo EM80-EFlick Duo EM80-MSensaVox EM140Flux EM180, or the Axis EM200, simply plug in one of their attachments and commence playtime with your partner(s), or by yourself. Use some ElectraStim Electro Stimulation Conductive Water-based Gel to improve the clarity and intensity of stimulation.

The ElectraStim e-stim toy are made from smooth black conductive silicone, the lightweight sleeves are unobtrusive yet provides deceptively powerful stimulation through whichever small surface area you attach it to. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. Comfort, style and pleasure are all rolled into one!

Color: Black
Materials: phthalate-free conductive silicone
Length: 3 inch
Max Thickness: 1.18 inch
Width: 3.93 inch(overall)
Electrode Type: Bi-polar for internal stimulation - takes 2 x 2mm pin connectors. 2 x sleeve electrode is included in each pack. You will need to connect to an ElectraStim stimulator to feel the sensations described.
Weight: 9 oz
Additional Information: bi-polar, Body-safe, phthalate free, pvc-free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended, waterproof, 24 month warranty

About Electrastim

ElectraStim Stimulators are some of the highest-spec electro play units made especially for EES, and they're put together by us right here in the UK. We've used specialist tech and innovative ideas to create a range of electro sex toys to improve masturbation, foreplay and sex - regardless of your gender, relationship status, sexuality or sexual preferences.