Fun Factory Jewels Manta 12-function Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Stroker Garnet

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authorized retailer fun factory luxury sex toys from GermanyA penis toy with a royal look.

The Fun Factory Jewels Manta 12-function Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Stroker in Garnet is one of five bestselling, award-winning toys that represent the best of Fun Factory and are celebrating their success by releasing them in regal, gemlike colors - which happen to be gender-neutral - as part of a limited-edition line. The Fun Factory's Jewels come in special opalescent packaging that's luxurious and ultra-giftable.

The sleek, easy-to-handle Jewels Manta 12-function Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Stroker for Men is designed to be perfect for partner sex as well as solo play, sliding between bodies and basically turning the penis into a vibrator. It’s also an amazing accessory for oral. Don’t forget about solo play! Jewels Manta’s ridges hold lube, for a better stroking sensation.

  • Strong motor turns your penis into a vibe
  • Wraps around the penis for stroking or pinpoint pleasure
  • Makes any blowjob feel like deep throat
  • Ridges hold onto lube for an easy glide
  • Adapts to any size penis
  • Sophisticated Garnet color

A men's toy for couples, Besides the good looks, the Garnet Manta 12-function Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Stroker, scores with an extra powerful motor, flexible silicone wings, and ridges that hold onto . for a better glide. During a blow job, the MANTA stroker wraps around the base of the penis for the ultimate deep throat feeling. During penetrative sex it turns the penis into a vibrator (but better) for breathtaking climaxes.

You don’t know what you’re missing, sex toys made for penises are often enormous, ugly, and awkward to use with a partner. That is until the sleek, easy-to-handle Fun Factory Manta arrived, this thoughtfully designed male stroker is perfect for solo performances but can be even better with partner sex, sliding between your bodies and basically turning your penis into a vibrator.

You get 12 unique vibration functions with 6 speeds and 6 patterns provide for diverse pleasures, because the vibration intensities are infinitely adjustable via touch buttons. The Manta’s molded in ridges keeps your lube evenly distributed, for just the right amount of slide and keeping everything slick, for a better stroking sensation.  It’s also an amazing blowjob accessory, circling the back of the penis for a deep-throat feel. Don’t forget about solo play! 

A men's toy for 2, the Fun Factory Manta 12-function Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Stroker in Deep Sea Blue is designed for anyone with a penis, and it really shines as a couples toy. Holding it between you during intercourse lets you both feel the vibration. It turns a blowjob master into a blowjob PhD. Where standard strokers can be way to big or just plain ugly to enjoy together, you’ll be happy to give this stylish toy a starring role in your sex life. 

Explore a range of sensations from the wild percussion of the moving tips against your hotspots to classic vibration when you press the against your body. You can even warm up with a light touch and then amp up the vibration and pressure when you want to get down to business.

That Manta ray shape isn’t just for better coverage. The “wings” and the cleft in the center also enhance the power of the motor, adding movement to the vibration of the Manta 12-function Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Stroker. Our signature loop handle makes it easy to use your Manta even when you have lube on your hands (because we get it). The intuitive three-button interface lets you change the settings without pausing the action. Which would you rather take on a trip: a sleeve in a bulky plastic case, or a light, slim toy that stows easily? We’ll make it easier for you: the Manta has a travel lock, so you never have to worry about it going off in your suitcase.

This toy isn’t just for twosomes! The Manta is also ideal for upping your masturbation game. Its ergonomic shape lets you stroke comfortably, and the wand-style design means that the vibration will be getting you off, not numbing your hand. See the ridges on the inside of the wings? Those are for lube. Designed for everyone’s pleasure During intercourse: turns your penis into a vibrator As a BJ tool: stronger orgasms, deep throat feeling Used solo: stroking or focused sensation Sleek, discreet, and easy to handle Ridges hold lube for better glide Divided shape makes vibration feel stronger Inner diameter 3 cm, surrounded by flexible wings

Pro tip: using a little water-based lube, put the tips on either side of the shaft and use the Volta as a stroker. Chasing an orgasm that starts deep in your body and makes you see stars? Look no further. The Volta’s powerful motor offers the rumbling, bass tone vibration that our customers love. The Volta’s ergonomic loop handle makes it easy to hold your toy exactly where you want it, even when your hands are covered in lube. The positioning of the raised buttons makes it simple and intuitive to try a new speed or vibration pattern without interrupting the action. Best of all, the Volta is shaped to feel amazing against your clit and labia no matter which angle you try. Volta is a battery operated vibrator with an attached and integrated battery charger inside the toy. It is charged using the original MAGNETIC CHARGER of the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system.

It also has a key lock for worry-free travel and a battery level indicator so users will never be surprised by a delay in play! The vibes can be charged via USB port or wall plug. With CLICK 'N' CHARGE charging technology, this waterproof vibrator comprises all the benefits of its bigger counterparts but in a handier size. It is so practical and small that it can easily disappear and be stored in any purse. The key lock for discrete transport is perfect for those who want to experience passionate moments on the road. The Volta is available in Deep Sea Blue and Moss Green.

The Fun Factory line of vibrators are made of velvety, medical-grade silicone that is phthalate free, waterproof, and safe to use with your favorite Water Based Lubricant. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. Comfort, style and pleasure are all rolled into one!

Color: Garnet Purple, Black, Silver
Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic
Length: 7.1 inch(overall)
Insertable Length: NA
Width: 1.8 inch(inner diameter), 1.5 inch by 1.75 inch(handle)
Powered By: Rechargeable Click n' Charge
Weight: 11.4 oz
Additional Information: 6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Magnetic Recharger Included, phthalate free, pvc-free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended

Important Note: Before first use, charge the toy completely! The first charging process could take up to 12 hours!

The Fun Factory CLICK 'N' CHARGE universal charger can be plugged into any USB port or converter plug, anywhere in the world. When you want to charge your toy, just plug your charger into a power source and make sure that its red light comes on. Then, line up the two magnetized metal dots on your charger with the two metal dots on your toy, and let them click into place. When your toy is connected to power, the buttons on its control panel will light up. Your toy will not operate when charging.