FleshLight FleshLube Fire Water-based Warming Lubricant 8 oz


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Dallas Novelty is an Authorized FleshLight Retailer Reseller & Retail Operation since 2008.fleshlight sex toys and accessoriesSlip and slide into more than just their DM's with this favorite lubricant, Fleshlube.

Heat up playtime with this slippery, warming lubricant! You’ve never experienced a lubricant quite like FleshLight Fleshlube Fire Water-based Warming Lubricant in 8 oz. Using our advanced warming-lubricant technology and the highest quality medical grade ingredients, we’ve created a unique lube that provides a pleasurable warmth on contact. Fire is perfect whether you’re playing solo or teaming up with a partner.

Fleshlube Fire represents a break-thru in warming lubricant technology. Unlike many of its counterparts and predecessors, FFire Water-based Warming Lubricant is usable with the Fleshlight or with a partner, without any additional lubricant necessary!

Click to Verify! Dallas Novelty is an Authorized FleshLight Reseller and Retail Operation since 2008. This premium Warming water-based lubricant is manufactured from the highest quality medical-grade ingredients that was dermatologically formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin being hypoallergenic & naturally paraben-free. The FleshLight FleshLubes are available in a 4 oz and an economical 8 oz size.

The FleshLight Fleshlube Fire Water-based Warming Lube is easy to clean off your body or toy using the FleshLight Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner and rinse thoroughly with warm water, avoid using any soap. This incredibly natural lube is pleasurable to use, there is not a better water-based lubricant on the market today.  

To keep it all in the family you can also get the FleshLight Fleshlube Water Water-based Lubricant, FleshLube Slide Water-based Gel Lubricant that's specially formulated for Anal Sex, some Fleshlube Fire Water-based Warming Lubricant to add some heat or some Fleshlube Ice Water-based Cooling Lubricant to chill out with a favorite video. 

Made from the highest quality medical grade ingredients this lubricant is a sure-fire way to heat up your self-gratification experience. Warms On Contact Dermatologically Formulated Gentle On Sensitive Skin Hypoallergenic & Natural Paraben-Free

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Honey Extract.
Size: 8 oz or 237 ml