ForPlay PrePair Spermicidal Water-based Lubricant with 1% NONOXYNOL-9 1.25 oz


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forplay personal lubricants Get peace of mind along with outstanding slickness with PrePair, an intimate moisturizer feels like natural lubrication and stays slick during sex.

The premium formula ForPlay PrePair Spermicidal Water-based Lubricant with 1% NONOXYNOL-9 in 1.25 oz is a thin water-based Personal Moisturizer with a 1% concentration of nonoxynol-9, the most commonly used spermicidal additive, safe for regular use, and  is even FDA approved as a 501(k) medical device. ForPlay PrePair Spermicidal Water-based Lubricant is water soluble, so you can wash it off with soap and water, and the formula is both odorless and flavorless for hassle-free cleanup.

The added nonoxynol-9 spermicide in ForPlay PrePair can immobilize sperm, preventing egg implantation and pregnancy. However, please note that this lubricant is not formulated as a standalone contraceptive. PrePair Spermicidal Lubricant with 1% NONOXYNOL-9 recommended should only be used as a preventative along with other forms of birth control such as Diaphragms or condoms (Forplay PrePair will not damage condoms or sex toys). PrePair does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Now also available in NEW PACKAGING: 1.25oz tube, 2.4oz bottle, 3.5oz bottle, and 4.5oz bottle.

ForPlay PrePair is a manufactured to Pharmaceutical Standards and FDA approved for your Quality Assurance. PrePair supplements the bodies natural genital moisture relieving discomfort from and dryness and enhancing the intimate experience. PrePair can be part of your loving making. Sometimes you and your partner will enjoy both. Other uses include easier insertion of Tampons, Douches and Enema Nozzles.

Size: 4.5 oz
Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben, Propylparaben; Active Ingredient: 1% Nonoxynol-9.