Kix'ies Lindsay Black Footless Fishnet No-Slip Thigh High Tights


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kix'ies thigh highs fun fashion freedomThese Footless Fishnet high High Tights are the way to go footloose and fancy-free! The perfect way to accessorize all of your fall outfits. These Kix'ies stripe texture weave thigh-high tights are a day to night wardrobe essential, and the perfect way to kick it up a notch.

The Kix'ies Lindsay Black Footless Fishnet No-Slip Thigh High Tights are perfect for layering under jeans or wearing a little black dress for evenings out. These super-trendy large fishnet thigh-high tights by Kix'ies are the icing on the cake to all of your fall outfits.

The Lindsay Black Footless Fishnet No-Slip Thigh Highs are all about Fashion, Fun and Freedom and they are just as comfortable at work or play. The strong but gentle silicon-grip band keeps them in place. And, best of all, Kix'ies are built to last. No matter their size, shape or age, every woman deserves to feel comfortable and have fun, these are not your standard one size fits most style thigh Highs. We know that not every body is created the same, so we created 4 sizes to fit all shapes and ensure a "stay-up fit."

No one likes how regular tights put the squeeze on you. And who doesn't breathe a huge sigh of relief when they are peeled off after a long day? Kix'ies free you from the "tights that bind." So kick your bulky, unflattering tights to the curb and fall in love with Kix'ies. Kix'ies come in 30 styles.

Color: Black
Materials: Tights: 10% Spandex, 90% Nylon; Band: 12% Spandex, 55% Nylon, 33% Polyester
kix'ies thigh high tights versus the competitionSize:

  • Size A: Height: 4'11"-5'5"; Thigh Circumference: Up to 20"; Weight: 90-140 lbs
  • Size B: Height: 5'5"-6'0"; Thigh Circumference: Up to 25"; Weight: 125-170 lbs.
  • Size C: Height: 4'11"-5'5"; Thigh Circumference: Up to 30"; Weight: 140-240 lbs.
  • Size D: Height: 5'5"-6'0'; Thigh Circumference: Up to 35"; Weight: 170-260 lbs.

Tip: Measure by height first and your weight second. We all carry our weight differently; be in your tummy, tush or thighs. With thigh highs you need only be concerned with height and thigh size when finding the right fit for you and your body.