Liberator Black Label Hipster Sex Positioning Cushion Microfiber Black with Cuffs & Blindfold


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The Liberator Black Label Hipster Sex Positioning Cushion Microfiber Black with Cuffs & Blindfold gives you a myriad of thrilling sex positions but with a kinky twist. Cuff connectors on each side of this bondage sex pillow provide you with hours of playful restraint options and smooth curves and angles for excellent sexual positioning. Designed to cradle your body, the Black Label Hipster has flowing arches that help optimize missionary and from-behind sex positions. Comes with Ankle and Wrist Cuffs & a Blindfold.

The higher-end of the Liberator Black Label Hipster Sex Positioning Cushion gives you complete control while exploring anal sex, while the lower end is perfect for prolonging your oral sex sessions. The ebb and flow of this sex furniture piece boosts your body and provides impressive access and G-spot stimulation. Stimulate arousal and master the art of anticipation without worrying about full-body support or stability. The Black Label Hipster Sex Positioning Cushion is crafted from high-density foam and engineered with a flat base, the Black Label Hipster can be used on virtually any surface and gives you tons of traction on soft, memory foam mattresses. Go ahead, and tease and tempt your lover with these killer curves. Novelty plays a massive part in sexual role-play.

  • Curved bondage-inspired sex positioning wedge
  • Low and High angles offer range of sex positions
  • Cuff connector points provide secure playful restraint
  • Lower angle is perfect for prolonging oral
  • Higher angle gives more control during anal sex
  • Use with other Black Label Shapes
  • Flat base offers stability on any soft surface
  • High-density foam core insert
  • Plush, velvish cover feels lush against bare skin
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable
  • Poly/nylon liner helps resist moisture

This Liberator mount arrives compressed like all of their foam products, with it being vacuum-sealed all the air is pulled out, so the shipping package is much smaller than if you shipped it the actual size. Once you open the package, the cushion will immediately start to expand and grow into the correct shape and size which for this is a small tapered rectangular shaped pillow. It takes little to no effort and hardly any time at all to get this mount ready for action. Once it’s expanded, you slip the moisture-resistant cover, and then a comfortable microfiber Velvish sleeve over the mount and you’re ready to start playing.

Color: Microfiber Black
Materials: Microfiber; Cover: Machine-washable microsuede; Liner: Polyester; Foam: Fully supportive polyurethane
Length: 33 inches
Width: 24 inches, 10 inches tall
Weight: 10 lbs