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Locked In Lust chastity devices sex toys & accessoriesThis is true chastity, When you need the best so he will stay under key.

Are you tired of dealing with a big bulk chastity cage? Are you looking for a small chastity cage? The Locked In Lust The Vice Mini V2 Inescapable Male Chastity Device in Chrome can and will resolve these problems for you. Giving you the same comfort and security using all of the same components as The Vice StandardThe Vice Mini provides you with the snug fit you desire in a small chastity cage. And if you’re a locked sissy, this is the perfect cage for you!

You can get a pink chastity cage of The Vice Mini to give yourself your own sissy chastity cage! You will get to take advantage of the same revolutionary anti-pullout technology, in a smaller package; meaning your locked sissy isn’t going anywhere! A common problem with a sissy chastity cage is having the member turtle into the body making an easy escape. The Vice Mini, with the right anti-pullout, will prevent your locked sissy clitty from going anywhere!

Being the first device Locked in Lust has created, The Vice is the flagship device, it offers the same level of security not seen before in other chastity devices. The textured design on the inner tabs of the anti-pullouts are the key to its claim of being inescapable. The longer the device is worn, the more secure it becomes. After 2 days of constant wear, it becomes inescapable!

The Locked in Lust Vice’s anti-pullout system differs from anti-pullouts sold for other devices. This anti-pullout was engineered to work with the device from the start. This differs from aftermarket pieces sold for other chastity devices which can be unbearably uncomfortable. The Vice Mini V2 Cock Cage often goes unnoticed when worn, even while wearing the anti-pullout! It can also be worn without the anti-pullout system which is great for beginners! But when you are ready for the inescapable chastity experience, you will always have the anti-pullouts available to use anytime! The Vice Chastity also includes a handful of different sizes with every device, therefore giving you personalized customization for maximum comfort and security. It’s time to enjoy a male chastity belt that offers the true inescapable chastity experience!

Whether you’re just looking for the best chastity cage or device on the market or looking to fulfill a complete chastity fantasy, the Locked in Lust Chastity Gear will provide you with everything you could possibly need to get more than just a device – to get a complete chastity experience! If you are looking for a male chastity cage which is more restricting, you may wish to look into The Vice Mini. Penis chastity has many dimensions of fun, and you can explore all of them with the different size cages and other sizing options available.


The Vice Mini V2 Chastity Device includes:

  • Mini Cage (1)
  • Rings (4)
  • Anti-Pullout (3)
  • Anti-Pullout Cap (1)
  • Spacers (4)
  • Locking Pins (4)
  • Brass Pad Lock (1)
  • Velvet Carrying Case (1)

Color: Black, Silver
Material: Ultra-Premium Leather

  • Cage Length – 40 mm or 1.5 inches
  • Cage Width – 36 mm or 1.4 inches.
  • Rings – Small – 40 mm, Medium – 44 mm, Large – 46.5 mm, X-Large – 48.5 mm.
  • Anti-Pullout Gap – Small – 17 mm, Medium – 19 mm, Large – 21 mm.
  • Pullout Cap – Wear the device without any anti-pullout.
  • Locking Pin/Spacers (distance of ring from cage) – Small – 6.5 mm, Medium – 10 mm, Large – 13 mm, X-Large – 15 mm.

Powered By: You
Weight: 9 oz
Special Features: super soft finish, body safe, phthalate free, user friendly

How to Size Yourself for Chastity

Ensuring you receive the proper size device is key to maximum enjoyment. To help determine what size(s) would be the best fit for you, please follow our short guide below. Please keep in mind, this is a tool to help determine the right size, and a person’s requirements may vary from this guide. We recommend writing down your measurements to ensure the best possible outcome and fitting.
Tip: Use a piece of string to measure circumference.
Step 1 - Measure the length of the penis while flaccid (Measure the top of the shaft)
Step 2 - Measure the circumference of the penis while flaccid (i.e. girth)
Step 3 - Measure the circumference of the entire genitalia (from underneath the ball sack to over the base of the penis – where the ring will sit)
Step 4 - Convert the circumference to diameter of both measurements by using this calculator: Omni Calculator
Step 5 - Repeat steps 1-4 with an erect penis
Step 6 - Take these measurements and compare them with the recommended sizing on the Sizing Options page (also available as a photo on The Vice product listing), to see what would be the most ideal fit

Now you can use these measurements to help determine the best fit for chastity for your anatomy.