NS Novelties Rear Assets Small Mulitcolor Aluminum Anal Plug with Round Clear Gem

NS Novelties

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NS Novelties Rear Assets Mulitcolor Plated Aluminum Anal Plug collection

Lightweight, chrome-plated Anal toys designed for visual and sensual excitement.

The NS Novelties Rear Assets Small Mulitcolor Aluminum Anal Plug with Round Clear Gem features a smooth multicolored plated metal finish in lightweight aluminum with a beautiful rainbow prismatic gem at the end. This sparkly jewel will provide some flash and elegance as you bend over and tease your lover with the . 

Petite and super manageable, this firm, weighty Small Mulitcolor Aluminum Anal Plug is absolutely perfect for backdoor beginners looking to get started in the satisfying world of butt play. The Rear Assets Small Mulitcolor Aluminum Anal Plug with Round Clear Gem is shaped into a classic rounded spade-shaped bulb with 2.4 inches of insertable length that starts with a .3 inch wide tip that is smoothly tapered for easy insertion, it widens very gradually to just 1 inch wide toward the middle, providing a gentle, effective stretch and an excitingly full sensation.

Thanks to the nice slim .3 inch wide shaft on the NS Novelties Rear Assets Anal Plug, you'll be able to wear the Plug comfortably for longer periods of time, during sex, foreplay or self love, even out and about, keeping it from slipping out of place using your sphincter muscles, if the idea tickles your fancy. These beautiful butt plugs were designed to make anal play comfortable, exciting, and stimulating.

Graduated in size, the Rear Assets Aluminum Anal Plugs start out very small and increase at a comfortable interval. The tapered tip and smooth, seamless material create an easy insertion. The jewel at each base makes these buttplugs perfect for surprising your partner for a night in, but they are comfortable enough to wear long-term if you decide to go out first! The smaller plugs serve as the perfect anal warm up option, while the large plug can serve as the main anal event for the night for most experience levels.

If you've never experienced the pleasures of metal before, you'll fall in love with NS Novelties Rear Assets, guaranteed. This material is extremely solid and firm, making it precise and very easy to maneuver and control, the also nice and weighty, as mentioned, so it'll feel fantastic inside you. Made of superior quality Anodized or Plated Aluminum Alloy with proven shapes designed to perform. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that suitable for all lubricants. 

Temperature play is one of the reasons sex toy users love metal so much. Temperature play is based around making your hot or cold for increased stimulation and sensations. Just run warm water over your metal plug for a few minutes to heat it up. The result is a more natural and more life-like feel during play, and it feels incredibly soothing during a massage. Or you can cool it down with cold water or a few minutes in the fridge. The resulting shock of the cold metal toy will make your lover squeal, harden their nipples, and give them goose bumps… at the very least! 

The entire NS Novelties Rear Assets Mulitcolor Plated Aluminum Anal Plug collection is made of body-safe premium multi-stage Plated Aluminum. These items are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable metal products available today. These items can be heated/cooled to personal taste. Use plenty of quality water-based lubricant for the best experience possible. When play is over, the non-porous material will clean easily without harboring any harmful bacteria. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys

Color: Mulitcolor, Clear
Materials: Plated Aluminum
Length: 2.75 inch(overall)
Insertable Length: 2.4 inch
Width: 1 inch( bulb), .375 inch(neck), 1.25 inch(base)
Weight: 3 oz
Powered By: You
Special Features: Aluminum, Water Resistant, Body-Safe