OxBalls Bigger Ox Fatty Bottom Bulge Super Mega Stretch Silicone Plus CockRing Space Blue Ice


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authorized Blue Ox Designs OXBALLS retailer innovative male sex toys fetish gearThe Bigger Ox CockRing will have your package out in front.

The OxBalls Bigger Ox Fatty Bottom Bulge Super Mega Stretch Silicone Plus CockRing in Space Blue Ice is a lush, squishy-soft padded cock ring that’s perfect for a long-lasting bigger bulge—designed so it won’t roll or pinch and so stretchy with enough grip to stay where you put it. The inner diameter is just .875 inches wide but stretches to fit everyone, wears comfortably like the firm grip of a hand, not pinching or cumbersome like other Men's Cock & Ball Gear including Cock RingsBall Stretchers, or CBT Harnesses.

With the right-size ring at 2.25 inches wide and a lot more bulk behind your balls, the Space Blue Ice Bigger Ox Fatty Bottom Bulge CockRing gradually gets thicker and thicker from .75 inches to 1.25 inches thick towards the base. The lush, soft feel makes this cockring perfect for filling out your favorite jockstrap or gear. It's squishy and smooth for comfort, but still firm enough to grip your meat and stay put. The super-rubbery feel of the Bigger Ox Fatty Bottom Bulge Super Mega Stretch C-Ring is awesome resting behind your sack and the thick shape adds some extra oomph where you want it.

It’s made of our softest, plush, stretchy Plus+Silicone and designed for comfortable wear and a bigger basket. The always evolving mad scientists at OXBALLS have now created a new Silicone + Plus that is a unique blend of Platinum-cured Silicone and TPR, it's soft like silicone but has the strength of TPR. The squishy, stretchy material and a proven design create a super comfortable fit that’ll bloat your hog without any unnecessary bulk. The OxBalls Big Ox is available in Space Blue Ice, .

The made in the USA body-safe Silicone + TPR or ThermoPlastic Rubber blended material from OXBALLS is soft and flexible but rigid enough for intense sensations. This works best if you use a good quality water-based lubricants like the Moist Body Lotion that is included for a truly wild ride. 

After use, carefully wash the ring with mild soap and water or try some Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. To keep your TPRTPEUltraSkynCyberskinFanta Fleshreal skinUR3UR5 masturbator and FleshLight or FleshJack toys ready for the next play session, use some renewing powder like Cyberskin Renew Powder or Main Squeeze Refresh Powder after it is clean and dry. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Space Blue Ice
Materials: Silicone + TPR
Length: 2.25 inch(tall)
Width: .875 inch(inner diameter, unstretched), 2.25 inch(outside diameter, unstretched), .75 inch to 1.25 inch(thick)
Powered By: You
Weight: 1.2 oz
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