Rimba Electrosex Aluminum Unipolar Electro Sticks


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Rimba electric estim productsThese unique electroerotic sticks can be used in different ways, both in and outside for a different experience every time.

Each of the Rimba Electrosex Aluminum Unipolar Electro Sticks are 9 inches long with a 1.125 inch ball on the top that makes contact with the body. Both aluminum conductive parts should make contact with the body to make the shock therapy work. These sticks have an insulated handle so that only contact can be made with the metal parts.

Please note that the sticks may not touch each other, that causes a short circuit and could damage your power box. Use our contact gel (art.no. 3000) to create an optimal conduction. An alternative way to use these sticks: take a metal electro clamp (rimba ref. 7861) and replace 1 stick by this clip. You can clip the clamp on a desired body part and the remaining stick you can then touch any body part and create the shock.

This item fits directly to all 3 Rimba power boxes (7850 / 7880 / 7890) Together in use these clamps are bi-polar. Each individual clamp is uni-polar. Cable included. Warning: Don't put 2 plugs into one clamp, because you will create a short and as a result no shocks will be felt.