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playwivme a naughty must-have collection of party games & adult gifts.These are In Stock Now!

Yes, this is THAT game you saw on social, it is now available in the US!

With the Shots PlayWivMe Fondle The Fruity Hands-On Game, players stand on their chosen colored footprints wearing their matching colored glasses. Players take it in turns to spin. That player then has to do what the arrow lands on, for instance, hand on red bum, left foot on banana, etc. If a player lands on 'Fondle' they have to do a forfeit. Fondle can be played with either 2, 3 or 4 people. Players are instructed to use the spinner for the correct number of players.

The Fondle The Fruity Hands-On Game can be played with clothes, underwear or for the daring: totally naked. Land on fondle? Take a shot; Strip! Take off an item of clothing; Kiss the person to your left; Cluck like a chicken; Moo like a cow; Hee-haw like a donkey; Oink like a pig; Do a little dance; You might decide to just do shots, or just play strip fondle. It's up to you. Included: 4 pairs of glasses, 1 play mat, double sided spinner Great, Fun Party Game! A very sexy game! Fondle can be played with either 2, 3 or 4 people.

Included with Fondle: 4 pairs of glasses, 1 play mat, double sided spinner. Laughter guaranteed!

PlayWivMe is a naughty must-have collection of party games & adult gifts. We’re bored of Hen Parties with no party, Stag Do’s that are more Stag Don’ts and bedroom activities that make you want to pass on passion. PlayWivMe has a solution to boredom… and it’s sexy AF!

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