Sylvie Monthule Women's Silver Sacred Cobra Pleasure & Detachable Hematite Beaded Pendant with Labia Chains & G-String Waist Band

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sylvie monthle erotic jewelry designsThis Egyptian motif Silver Sacred Cobra Pleasure Figurine g-string is simply exquisite.

The Sylvie Monthule Women's Silver Sacred Cobra Pleasure & Detachable Hematite Beaded Pendant with Labia Chains & G-String Waist Band is adorned with a .625 inches wide, 1 inch long cast and heavy hypoallergenic Sterling Silver plated (10 Microns thick) Egyptian Cobra Figurine that is hooded up above your pleasure garden with Black Enamel details to really make this snake a beautiful addition. The head of this Silver Sacred Cobra protrudes about .5 inches out from the body and it also has a detachable Hematite triple beaded pendant with beads ranging from .3 inch to about .5 inches for the 3rd bead that has an overall length of 2.5 inches with Silver chain & lobster clasp.

 The Sylvie Monthule Women's Silver Sacred Cobra Pleasure with G-String Waist Band also has the popular jewelry quality Silver chains that surrounds your labia to frame and showcase your feminine power, gently laying on each of the labia, and connect to a comfortable black G-String soft cotton elastic waistband, suitable for all day wear. The dangling  Removable Hematite Beads are perfectly positioned directly below the Silver Egyptian Cobra pendant so they gently tap on the clitoris as one moves to provide wonderful sensations under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all. Available in 18k Gold plated and Sterling Silver plated.

  • Jewelry Finish: Sterling Silver plated(10 microns)
  • Hypoallergenic Silver & Black Enamel Egyptian cobra figurine
  • 3 Hematite Beaded Pendant with Silver Accent Chain
  • Waist Band Sizes:
    • Small - waist 24-26" hip 33-36"
    • Medium - waist 26-29" hip 36-39"
    • Large - waist 29-31" hip 39-42"
    • Extra Large - waist 31-33" hip 42-45"
    • XXLarge - waist 35-43" hip 45-53"

Body Jewelry in harmony with one's self and nature.

All of the items in the Sylvie Monthule Erotic Jewelry Collection are handmade in France, with high quality materials. We try to maintain stock of Sylvie Monthule erotic jewelry at our warehouses but there are times when shipments can take up to 2 weeks for delivery of this handmade art to arrive from the Artists country of France. Actual item availability will be sent via email within 24-48 hours of order and Tracking information will be provided as soon as it is available.