Tantus Rumble Flicker Silicone Attachment for the Rumble Personal Massager

Tantus Inc

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tantus rumble massager for every bodyCustomize your rumble with the Flicker head and use its power to get the job done.

Offers a constant, flickering pleasure you never want to end, the Flicker is a unique silicone accessory attaches to the awesome new Tantus Rumble Featherweight 7-function Rechargeable Personal Massager allowing you to reach and tease your desired external erogenous area. The Flicker Head is paddle shaped with a 2.5 width and a 1.5 inch length with a tapered thickness so it converts the Rumble into a powerful external pleasure spot stimulator with all of the wonderful features that come with this featherweight wand massager. This is also a great attachment for our mobility limited customers wo need a longer reach but want the power and the Spoon Head is a great addition to any toybox.

All Tantus Toys are made from Tantus own unique blend of Ultra-Premium Silicone, you can use an Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, boil or bleach your Tantus toys for total sterilization, and it's completely odor free and tasteless. Always use a water based lubricant, do not use silicone lube with this or any silicone toy, it will break down the material and leave your toy permanently tacky. Explore the science of sensation with Tantus.

Color: Black
Material: Silicone
Length: 3.875 inch(overall)
Flicker Length: 1.5 inch
Flicker Width: 2.5 inch
Head Width: 2.4 inch
Head Height: 1.5 inch
Powered By: Tantus Rumble Featherweight 7-function Rechargeable Personal Massager
Weight: 2 oz
Special Features: lightweight, external stimulation, paddle shaped head, fits on the Rumble, removable head, Hygienically superior, body safe, phthalate free, user friendly, Rumble not included

Tantus, Inc. is a woman founded company that believes that sexual health is an integral component to living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle. Tantus, founded in 1997, was the first company to bring silicone sexual health products to the mainstream market. Tantus has continued to be the leader in silicone sexual health products and they are known for their innovative, diverse, health conscious and eco-friendly products.