The Stockroom x Zoë Ligon Limited Edition Leather Collar Mint Green


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authorized retailer the stockroom bdsm bondage fetish leather gear made in the USADespite its sweet, mint-green color, this garment leather collar means business.

Latch the The Stockroom x Zoë Ligon Limited Edition Leather Collar in Mint Green onto your sub and you can be sure that they won’t stray where they shouldn’t — but it also evokes a playfulness that reminds us of the first time we realized that there was so much more to sexual desire than we first realized. Bondage and submission bring a sweet sense of liberation; we think that this Limited Edition Leather Collar captures the apparent paradox of kink beautifully. Buckle it on and romp to your heart’s desire.

The Mint Green Stockroom x Zoë Ligon Limited Edition Leather Collar blends a touch of the sweet and the smart, it reminded us of when we started to realize that sex had more flavors than just vanilla. The garment leather is soft and supple to the touch while being absolutely unforgiving about any attempts to slip free. Your sub’s skin won’t chafe or scratch, but neither will they escape before you’re ready. These Limited Edition Leather Collar is part of our new limited-edition line with Spectrum Boutique's Zoë Ligon. Get the full matching set that includes a CollarLeashWrist Cuffs, and Ankle Cuffs.

  • The Small/Medium minimum length is 11.25 inch, with a maximum of 13.5 inch
  • The Medium/Large minimum length is 13.75 inch, with a maximum of 16.25 inch
  • Width of cuffs: 1 inch
  • Material: Mint green garment leather with latigo leather straps, nickel-plated buckles and rivets.

Color: Mint green, Silver
Materials: Leather, Nickel plating/Brass/Zinc/Steel
Size: Fits necks measuring 11.25" to 16.25"
Width: 1 inch, 1 inch(D-ring)
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Weight: 10 oz
Additional Information: metal buckles, Phthalates Free, Unisex

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