Trojan G. Spot Premium Lubricated Condoms 3 Pack


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trojan condoms and lubricantsThe Trojan G. Spot Condom is designed to stimulate her where it counts.

Buy the G. Spot Premium Lubricated Condoms with Pouch and mirco-ribbing Paradise Marketing TrojanSex is hottest when everyone is having fun and targeted stimulation for her will amplify pleasure for all. The Trojan G. Spot Premium Lubricated Condoms 3 Pack has a unique shape for targeted g-spot stimulation. To maximize pleasure, unroll the G. Spot Premium Lubricated Condom with Pouch and mirco-ribbing on top. The Condom material moves with the motion of sex while micro-ribbing slowly builds friction and a light water-based lubricant coating lasts for the entire experience. Available in a 3 Pack and a value 10 Pack.

Latex condoms by Trojan are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections. These are smooth, transparent and have a reservoir end for extra safety. Made from high quality natural latex you can add extra lubrication is you choose as long as you use a water-based lube. Trojans are individually electronically tested to help ensure reliability. Any use of Trojan Brand Latex Condoms for other than vaginal intercourse can increase the potential of damage to the condom.

Size: 3 pack
Ingredients: Natural rubber latex