XR Brands Greygasms Collection The Luxoria Masquerade Mask

Greygasms Collection

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greygasms fetish gear & sex toysCreate an aura of mystery.

The XR Brands Greygasms Collection The Luxoria Masquerade Mask is a decorative Venetian style mask allows you and your partner to enjoy a little mystique with your sexual play. A combination of faux leather and satin lets your partner wear the mask comfortably. The mask is decorated with studs underneath the eyes. 

...Put this on...Sir said, as he handed me the black Venetian style mask. The look of it thrilled me as I took in the beautiful crystal accents around the eyes. The firm mold of the mask was cool to the touch and the long satin ties that dangled fluttered with each movement. Eager to put it on me, Sir told me to close my eyes. He fastened the mask and secured the ties. Pausing briefly to look me over and give me a smile of approval, he said in a whisper...Let it commence...

Welcome to my playroom ... Sleek, sophisticated, sexy. The Greygasms line of erotic accessories by XR Brands allows women to live out the steamy intrigues that they’ve been reading about. Unique and sensual packaging leaves a lasting impression, harnessing excitement from the shelf to the bedroom. Indulge your desires with satin sashes, blindfolds, feathers, and ben wa balls. Explore new realms of intimacy with Greygasms, BDSM, Bondage and Fetish. You will be bound, my sweet. With satin sashes, silver ties, ropes and cuffs. I will use these blindfolds and masquerade masks to keep you in supreme suspense while I drip wax down your body with my sensual massage candle. I will ask you to use numerous Ben Wa balls to strengthen your Kegel muscles and they will stimulate you from the inside out. Lastly, I will heighten your senses with a delicate feather plume, devious black rope to hold you in place and calculating crops. I will set you free. Sir.

The Greygasms Mask is phthalate free. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. Comfort, style and pleasure are all rolled into one!

Color: Black, Silver
Material: Faux leather, plastic, satin
Measurements: 8.25 inches in width, 3.5 inches tall
Weight: 3 oz 
Note: Includes 
Disclaimer: Carbon steel has been shown to trigger sensitivities in some individuals and is not designed for extended or long-term wear. For these reasons, we recommend using these items inside a condom.

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