XR Brands Squeeze-It Small Squeezable Silexpan Silicone Spade-shaped Anal Plug with Suction Base


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xr brands squeeze-it squeezable bendable sex toysLet the pliable Squeeze-It Toys pleasure you in comfort.

Stuff this super squishy Small Silicone Butt Plug up your bum! This state-of-the-art anal accessory is ultra-flexible so that it can conform to your demands. Enjoy the classic shape of the XR Brands Squeeze-It Small Squeezable Silexpan Silicone Spade-shaped Anal Plug with Suction Base with its wide 2 inch bulb, or squish it into a more tapered design that slides in with 3.2 inches of insertable length.

The XR Brands Squeeze-It uses a material called Silexpan Silicone that has Thermo-Reactive Technology, it can be cooled down in a refrigerator until you are ready to use it, making it chill and hard, or it can be heated in a microwave or boiling water to make it warm and comfortably pliable. You can even create your own shape by warming the toy, mold it to the shape and let it cool. You can easily return it to original shape.

Suction down the 2 inch wide base of the Squeeze-It Small Squeezable Silexpan Silicone Spade-shaped Anal Plug to a smooth flat surface so that you can impale yourself for a hands-free penetration. Choose between the SmallSmall or Small plug to experience the spade-like shape stretching you wide open. Available in 3 sizes , this squeezable, bendable butt plug makes insertion easy and fun!  Made with a patented revolutionary formula for a realistic feel. Measurements: 3.5 inches in total length, 3.2 inches insertable length, 2 inches at widest diameter, .9 inches in diameter at narrowest diameter, unmanipulated

Let these pliable toys pleasure you in comfort! You can warm your Squeeze-It by XR Brands by microwaving for up to 30 Seconds to make the plug or dildo comfortably warm and pliable to heat up your passions! Refrigerate the plug or dildo to make it hard and provide a thrilling chill!

The XR Brands Squeeze-It toy is made of body-safe Silexpan Silicone that is a Thermo-Reactive material that can be squeezed, stretched, and bent into a custom design before insertion for intense sensations. Just add your favorite Water-Based Lubricant and have a blast. Preserve this premium material by avoiding use with silicone lubricants.  After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Black
Materials: Silexpan Silicone
Length: 3.5 inch(overall)
Insertable Length: 3.2 inch
Width: .75 inch(tip), 2 inch(bell), 1 inch(neck), 2 inch(base)
Powered By: you
Weight: 7 oz
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