XR Brands Strict Black Faux Leather 19 Inch Slapper Paddle

Strict Leather

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strict bondage & fetish gearComfortable BDSM play will keep you both coming back for more!

This long, strong XR Brands Strict Black Faux Leather 19 Inch Slapper Paddle has a backbone! Built with a long, metal spine inside, it will deliver powerful and biting pain upon impact! Make your partner squeal as you rub the smooth, flat surface of the PU leather against their tender skin in between paddling. Enjoy the look, feel and use of this classic Slapper Paddle as you use it against sensitive areas such as the thighs or buttocks! The PU leather is easy to clean and vegan-friendly. The metal is solid and encased inside.

Key Features:

  • Durable and Strong: Built with a metal spine that extends the length of the paddle to keep it firm and strong even after heavy use.
  • PU Leather: Vegan-friendly and easy to clean, the smooth, flat surface is pleasant against tender and sensitive skin.
  • Stingy Sensation: The slapper delivers a stinging sensation upon impact and can bite into sensitive areas such as the thighs or buttocks.

Enter the bondage world with the Strict line of products! Every item from the XR Brands line, STRICT is made of high quality leather or other premium materials that are real world tested by professional BDSM players to handle serious play, without the high cost. The Strict Leather offers all the essentials for any couple that wants to explore and start bondage play. Don't be timid, be Strict! The body-safe PU Leather is a vegan friendly material that is easy to clean, and will last for years. After use, carefully wipe the toy with a damp rag and dry. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Material: Premium Faux Leather, metal
Color: Black, Silver
Measurements: Overall length: 19 inches, Overall width: 2 inches.

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