Doc Johnson UltraSkyn Masturbator Refresh Powder 1.25 oz

Doc Johnson

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doc johnson ultraskyn lifelike skinThe UltraSkyn Refresh Powder by Doc Johnson is the only powder guaranteed to optimally restore and maintain your UltraSkyn and other TPE/TPR toys. 

This 100% talc-free Cornstarch-based powder features natural ingredients and is specially formulated to improve and extend the lifespan of all your favorite UltraSkyn products, making every time feel like the first time, over and over again. This Refresh Powder also works for other brands of ThermoPlastic Elastomer, ThermoPlastic Rubber, FleshLight SuperSkin, Fanta Flesh, Cyberskin, UR3, and any other life like material used in masturbators and strokers. Packaged in a traditional sprinkle-top powder bottle, UltraSkyn Refresh Powder easily twists open and adjusts to dispense the right amount for any item. After washing your favorite UltraSkyn/UR3 toy with warm soap and water, air dry and powder the item with UR3 Refresh Powder. "The key to making your strokers and masturbation tools from Doc Johnson in their best condition is keeping it clean and cared for. The bottle makes it easy-to-dispense the ultra-fine powder can be used as often as needed. The powder should be applied after every washing." AVN Magazine

  • 1 oz. bottle, features twist-open sprinkle cap

Ingredient: Cornstarch