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Maximize your masturbation muscles with the revolutionary new Spank Weight!

Perfect for both men and women, the Spank Weight is the world's first and only performance dumbbell designed and developed to get your jerk-off arms ripped and ready for some serious spanking sessions! In as little as three minutes a day, you'll see and feel explosive results, guaranteed! Compared to traditional free weights, studies have shown that using the Spank Weight with our unique, patented Dynamic Jerk-Off Technology increases your stroking strength and stamina by more than 300%! You’ll be able to pound your pud harder, faster and longer than ever before!

But wait, the Spank Weight's not just for men! No more complaining about “tired arms” and “cramped hands” ladies! Spank Weight’s unique design is perfect for those hard to train handjob muscles. Before you know it, you’ll be ripped and ready to stroke it like a Pro!

Spank Weight Is Perfect For: Beating your Meat, Choking your Chicken, Rubbing one out, Jerkin’ your Johnson, Jackin’ the Beanstalk, Cleaning your Rifle, Burping the Worm, Polishing the Sword, Playing the Skin Flute, Spanking the Monkey, Oiling the Pogo Stick, Tugging your Tubesteak, Wacking Off, Shifting Gears, Taking a Shake Break, Slapping the Salami, Doing the Knuckle Shuffle, Buffing the Banana, Yanking your Crank, Waxing your Jackson, Teasing the Weasle, Jerkin’ the Gherkin, Milking the Lizard and Wanking the Wizard.

Color: Silver
Materials: PVC
Measurements: 4.25 inch Long, 3.75 inch wide
Powered By: You
Weight: 11.8 oz