Screaming O RingO Rangler Outlaw Love Ring

Screaming O

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screaming o love cock rings vibes & accessoriesThe Rangler Outlaw is ready for a shootout with its contoured studs.

The Screaming O RingO Rangler Outlaw Love Ring looks like the cylinder from a Colt Peacemaker, it is a super-stretchy erection ring that keeps him harder longer with a fuller erection, mind-blowing orgasms and premature ejaculation prevention. The RingO Rangler Outlaw Love Ring is also great for keeping condoms in place and an excellent addition to any penis pump. The Outlaw Erection Enhancing Cockring is available in a Single Love Ring or as an economical Love Ring 10 Pack. Choose your favorite Outlaw, Spur, the Cannonball or try all 3 and saddle up for a firm, hard ride!

Color: Smoke
Materials: Silicone
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