Satisfyer Number Two 11-function Silicone Contact-Free Air-Pulse Stimulator

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eis Satisfyer sex toys & accessoriesThe popular Satisfyer 2 is a must have in every ladies toiletry bag and perfect for those longer trips.

The Satisfyer Number Two 11-function Silicone Contact-Free Air-Pulse Stimulator will stimulate you and your clit to breathtaking orgasms with no contact, it is always ready to give you explosive orgasms like never before. Equipped with innovative Satisfyer Air-Pulse Technology, the soft silicone attachment gently surrounds your pearl, bringing you undreamt-of climaxes with powerful pressure waves. The ergonomic, elegant white and rose gold design also makes the world famous Satisfyer Two a real eye-catcher that doesn’t have to be shamefully hidden away in the depths of a drawer.

The Satisfyer Number Two will inspire you with its whisper-quiet, powerful motor and ergonomic form with its longer handle. The Satisfyer Collection of Toys are great for people with limited mobility or disability since you do not have to thrust or move the Satisfyer like a traditional female pleasure stimulator. With its intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation, the Satisfyer 2 is a modern lifestyle product that fascinates every woman with more intensive, quicker and multiple orgasms within minutes. People have found that the suction like stimulation can cause a quick, almost abrupt, build up to some very intense, but pleasurable orgasms.

Give in to your lust completely and enjoy your time with your clit vibrator undisturbed. Thanks to its handy shape, the White & Rose Gold Number Two 11-function Silicone Contact-Free Air-Pulse Stimulator can be used almost everywhere, whether at home or on the road - it fits in any handbag or even in your toiletry bag. The Satisfyer 2 is battery-powered and the twin operating elements allows fast control over 11 intensive programs, a pioneer in revolutionizing the sexual mind of women. No water, lubricant or other liquids can get into the inside of the product, which makes it 100 percent hygienic and safe to use. 

A little secret tip: Because this toy does not need friction to operate, just a dab of quality water-based lube like the Satisfyer Women Gentle Classic Lubricant is needed to make your experience even more orgasmic. This feeling can only be topped by using it underwater as this will make the pulsations even more intense such as in the shower or in your bath. By pressing the small button at the bottom, the Satisfyer #2 11-function Air-Pulse Stimulator is switched on and activated with the lowest massage setting. The oval head is placed on the clitoris, making sure the head is situated comfortably in the hollow. Once the ideal position is found, the love toy requires no further movement.

The vibration intensity can be increased by pressing the larger, oval button. Every time you press the button, the intensity will increase by one level. The Satisfyer 2 offers 11 programs. The intensity can be gradually reduced again by pressing the larger, oval button. The LED on the control panel will remain lit whilst the love toy is in use. By pressing the smaller button the product is switched off. This must-have product is waterproof, so it can easily be used in the shower or in the hot tub providing even more pleasure. In contrast to comparable products, the Satisfyer 2 does not only convince through its waterproof design, but also through its quietness. The silicone head can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced at any time. 

The Satisfyer Toy is made of Silicone & ABS Plastic construction retains body heat so it feels more realistic and the ABS Plastic is hygienic. It is best to use a Satisfyer Brand Lube or any of our other quality water-based lubricants. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Satisfyer Brand Toy Cleaner. Keep your sex toys fresh, clean and completely hygienic with our wide selection of Intimate Toy Cleaners & Cleansers for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Rose Gold, White
Materials: Silicone, ABS
Length: 6.9 inch
Depth: 2.75 inch(head), 1.5 inch(tip), 1.25 inch to .75 inch(handle)
Width: 1.75 inch(top), 1.2 inch(tip), 1.5 inch to .75 inch(handle)
Powered By: 2 AAA Batteries
Weight: 6 oz
Additional Information: instant orgasms, longer handle, softer start, 11 programs, Touch-free clitoris stimulation, Pressure wave stimulation, battery powered, Easy to clean, Waterproof for even more fun underwater, Medical-grade silicone,

With its unique design, no liquids, lubricants or water can remain in the hole in the device’s head in any of the models and partially remain in the interior, in a second inner chamber. The pending Satisfyer patent makes the second inner chamber unnecessary. “Our technology—with one single chamber and a large opening—enables the removal of incoming liquids, lubricants or water, and is therefore hygienic and safe,” said Dr. Karen Maeder, product developer.