Rimba Electrosex Deluxe 2 Channel Digital E-Stim Power Box Set with LCD Display


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Rimba electric estim productsThe ultimate in electrostimulation massage therapy!

The Rimba Electrosex 7880 2 Channel Digital E-Stim Power Box Set is a battery operated, pulse genera­tor that sends electrical impulses to the electrosex self-adhesive gel pads and sex toys that can be connected to this powerbox and placed on any body part. Pressing the different keys on the Dual Channel Digital ElectroStimulation Power Unit can change the pulse width so that the treatment goes deep into the skin and into muscles.

This electrical therapy will have a positive influence on your sex life. The powerbox can run 7 different programs and each program can be adjusted over 16 levels of intensity. This 7880 2 Channel Digital E-Stim PowerBox with LCD Display has two channels to connect two accessories at one time which are being controlled simultaneous by pressing buttons.

The Rimba Electrosex 7880 2 Channel Digital E-Stim Power Box Set with LCD Display is the most advanced Dual Channel Electro sex massage therapy device ever introduced for the retail market. With 7 programs from which to choose, the user can experience slow soft stroking, massage, and even acupuncture. It is not intended for provoking painful sensations during use, just the most intense orgasms you've ever experienced!

The Dual Channel Digital ElectroStimulation Power Box has 16 power levels to accommodate everyone from the first time user to the most intense users. Programs can be set to automatically cycle through all 7 therapy modes or stay in one mode for a user programmed length of time. The digital LCD display on the hand held unit is easy to read and program. 

Rimba Electro Play self adhesive gel pads with snap button connection. This package contains 2 single, unipolar pads that are 3.3 inches long and 2 inches wide. These pads are flexible and can be used 10 up to 15 times depending how clean the gel stays. A clean, hair free skin makes the best contact. An individual pad is unipolar so you need to use 2 pieces or one pad and an other unipolar device to create an electric shock. You get 2 59 inch long Cables with a 2.5 mm jack plug on one side and 2 push buttons on the other side. Always be careful, do not use if skin is broken or irritated, when you have heart problems or are pregnant.

The Rimba 7880 2 Channel Digital E-Stim Power Box with LCD Display has two bi-polar channels for connection to more than 35 available attachments! Each channel can individually power several sizes of Rimba metal and silicone vaginal and anal devices plus a variety of skin pads, cock rings, breast cups, penis straps & sounds. This power box is two times stronger in output than Rimba 7850 2 Channel Electrosex Starter Power Box Set . If you want more channels get the Rimba Electrosex 7890 4 Channel Digital Power Box.

For the most comfortable experience, please use something like the XR Brands Zeus Electrosex Incite Conductivity Enhancing eStim Gel. The gel is necessary to help spread the electrical current over the skin. Without the gel, using dry skin, the current concentrates to one point and can be uncomfortable! Available in an attractive easy to store hinged display box with separate compartments inside for all the components. 

The set contains following content:

  • Rimba Electrosex 7880 Powerbox dual channel digital power unit with LCD display
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • 4 x 3.3 inch long, 2 inch wide self-adhesive gel pads
  • 2 59 inch lead wires 
  • Complete manual

The principle of electro sex stimulation is to create an uncontrollable muscle contraction through an controllable electric shock. The electric shock stimulates a nerve and that provides a combination of one or several muscles located in the immediate vicinity of the nerve. The stronger the stimulus, the greater the force of contraction of the muscle will be. Rimba has developed a range of accessories that can be connected to any of the 3 Rimba power boxes. Accessories electrodes have different shapes and sizes, tailored to the erogenous zones for both men and women.

Electrostimulation or e-stim is an incredible intimate sexual enhancement tool that uses low voltage electronic signals also known as TENS found in athletic and rehabilitation facilities. These signals create muscle movement similar to a massage plus they stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into arousal, erection, and intense pleasure followed by unstoppable mind splitting orgasms. Dallas Novelty carries all of the electrosex toys for men and women.

Whether you've heard of Electrosex, e-stim, electrostimulation or not, chances are you've heard of TENS (Trans-dermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy before. TENS technology has been used for years in the medical profession as an alternative treatment for pain. Now, after realizing the awesome benefits of body-safe electrical pulses, TENS has been given a new lease of life in the kink industry.

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