Aneros Eupho Syn Trident Prostate Male G-Spot Stimulator


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aneros luxury sex toysAn Original Sin.

The Aneros Eupho Syn Trident Prostate Male G-Spot Stimulator has a slim-body wrapped in silky black silicone with special curves for precise control and movement for experienced solo users. For sexual intercourse, its smaller frame freely moves through the man's thrusting, for stronger and longer orgasms. The Eupho Syn starts with a slender .7 inch wide tip that undulates out to .98 inches wide at the thickest spot along the 3.9 inch long insertable silicone shaft.

  • Slim profile for easy insertion
  • Precision contoured for maximum responsiveness
  • Modified arms and tabs for superior dual external stimulation of the perineum & kundalini spot
  • Great size is perfect for beginners or the experienced
  • Made with FDA Approved Phthalate Free Materials

The Aneros Trident Series introduces Multi-Axial Motion Architecture, or MAMA, our revolutionary feature which allows the Trident to move laterally as well as move up/down and in/out. This extra dimension of movement adds an extra dimension of pleasure, making it easier for a man to reach the Super-O. We think you'll be blown away by it. Today we proudly present the Aneros Eupho Syn Trident Prostate Stimulator, the synthesis of the Eupho prostate massager, the newest Trident series innovations and the comfort of our most luxuriant velvet touch silicone yet.

You can modify the arms and tabs for superior external stimulation, it is recommended for new users for solo and partner play. The Aneros Eupho Syn Trident Male G-Spot Stimulator features a .7 inch wide head for easier insertion up to 3.9 inches, a gently tapered body for smooth action and a ribbed stem for enhanced anal stimulation with more sensations in the anal canal. The slim angled head massages the prostate while the Trident arms for better movement with a contoured MAMA body for lateral and rotational movement.

The P-Tab or Perineum tab provides an external prostate massage by pressing against the perineum, and acts as a pivot point to drive the massaging action of the Aneros inside the rectum. A man experiences both an internal and external prostate massage simultaneously. The K-Tab or the Kundalini tab is an accupressure point between the buttocks that provides pleasurable sensations. The continuous stimulation of the prostate and perineum leads to stronger orgasms and possibly the Super-O as well. The Eupho Syn Trident is easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences.

The Aneros is made of non-porous FDA-Approved Black Platinum-cured Silicone and Plastic Acetal material, the Trident line is a great choice for everyone whether new to anal or an experienced anal explorer. The materials are approved for both body and fluid contact. Just add your favorite Water-Based Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Black, Red
Materials: FDA-approved Silicone, Plastic Acetal
Length: 4.125 inch
Insertable Length: 3.9 inch
Width: .7 inch(tip), .98 inch(mid shaft), .45 inch(neck), .5 inch(P & K Tabs), 3.875 inch(overall)
Powered By: You
Weight: 4 oz
Additional Information: slimmer size, male g-spot p-spot stimulator, small size, stainless steel body, Multi Function, Phthalate Free, waterproof, body-safe, Phthalate Free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended

Aneros Prostate Stimulators (also known as prostate massagers and Male G-Spot simulators) are the most amazing sex toys for men available! The Aneros is medically researched, designed and patented. Specifically, the Aneros is designed in accordance with modern scientific knowledge of anatomy combined with ancient Oriental awareness of erogenous zones and pleasure centers. The Aneros Stimulator pleases all of your neglected erogenous zones at once. Once the Aneros is inserted, it naturally seeks out the prostate gland (the Male G-Spot) while the perineum abutment gently massages the acupressure spot related to the pudendal nerves. This plexus of nerves is largely responsible for distributing sensations of pleasure throughout the uro-genital area

Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulators remain the only patented devices of their kind. Their proven hands free self-pivoting design simultaneously massages the Male G-Spot and the perineum creating intense orgasms. Aneros products are a wonderful addition to your sex life, with your lover or out on your own. Through their patented anatomical design, Aneros prostate massagers provide incredible intimate pleasure through targeted prostate stimulation. One of the leading sex toy brands for men, explore Aneros' prostate toys and revel in true expert craftsmanship.

When a man contracts his anal sphincter muscles, the perineum tab acts as a fulcrum against which the Trident Eupho Syn Stimulator pivots, massaging the prostate for incredible sensations. Completely hands-free, the Aneros can be used in any position the man chooses. Using the Aneros Stimulator will gradually strengthen a man's pelvic floor muscles and PC sphincter muscles. Over time this results in better sexual performance and ejaculation control. Think of it as exercise to improve your overall sexual health and vitality. The curled arm (handle) should fit between the buttocks, and the upturned arm should touch the perineum, which is between the anus and the scrotum to facilitate an external massage of the perineum acupressure point. The handle is used only for inserting and removing your Aneros. Remember, Aneros massagers are hands-free, so while using yours, we recommend that the handle not be used. 

We think you'll be blown away by it. The Trident series is the newest generation of medically researched products, developed specifically to massage what is commonly referred to as the Male G-Spot (prostate). Anatomically configured to work in perfect harmony with the male body, our products are by far the most effective massagers on the market. This new series features our Multi-Axial Motion Architecture which allows greater range of movement of the head, creating a larger variety of sensations for the quickest path to the orgasmic bliss yet. New tabs and arms stimulate Perineum and Kundalini acupressure spots with a unique rocking and cradling effect, producing simultaneous stimulation with increased stability. Made of high quality, non-porous, medical grade plastic, the Trident Series is comprised of four models: The Helix, the MGX, the Maximus and the Eupho.

During sex, the man's thrusting motions automatically cause the Aneros to stimulate the prostate and anal cavity. This gives the man anal, prostate and penile pleasure at the same time - a sexual trifecta! At climax, the prostate stimulation results in a stronger, more satisfying orgasm. Using the Aneros Stimulator is progressively rewarding. Every session builds on the previous, increasing your body's understanding of the sensations it has experienced, and incorporating new ones. Through practice and exploration, a user can reach the pinnacle of body/mind pleasure called the Super-O.

Before the Aneros Stimulator, prostate massages always involved someone performing the massage, whether it be a physician during a check up, body work therapist, or if lucky, a skilled partner. Providing an effective massage is definitely an acquired skill. Due to flexibility constraints, realizing the benefits of an effective self-massage for most men has not been possible. The Aneros Stimulator allows men to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly. Simply through anal kegel exercises, the Aneros's design utilizes a self-pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and external via the perineum. This is done completely hands free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions.