Arcwave Ion DryTech Refill Stick 3 Pack


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WoW Tech Arcwave premium male pleasure brand highly innovative products smart technologyKeeping your Ion fresh has never been easier.

The Ion Pleasure Air Stroker’s storage base features a DryTech stick which helps the drying process. Users place DryTech Packs which contain silica capsules inside the DryTech Stick. After use, users simply clean Ion and place it on the storage base. Not only does it automatically start charging, but the DryTech stick removes any last water droplets, keeping the sleeve in perfect condition.

The moisture wicking Silica in the Ion DryTech Refill Stick 3 Pack helps to quickly remove moisture from inside of Ion’s CleanTech silicone sleeve after washing, keeping Ion in mint condition. One DryTech pack included in the scope of delivery Replacement DryTech Stick and DryTech Pack for use inside of the Ion storage base. The Arcwave’s DryTech Stick is important for wicking away moisture after Arcwave Ion 8-function Rechargeable Silicone Pleasure Air Stroker is washed.

Arcwave is a premium male pleasure brand that creates highly innovative products through smart technology. Based on new features developed in-house, the Arcwave range offers men a new type of sensation. Add other Ion Accessories for the Ion Stroker like the Arcwave Water-Based Lubricant by pjurArcwave Alcohol-Free Toy Cleaning Spray by pjurIon DryTech Stick & Pack and the Ion DryTech Refill Stick 3 Pack.

Size: 3 pieces
Ingredients: Silica
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