Epi24 Womanizer Plus + Size 12-function Sensual Stimulator with PleasureAir Technology


MSRP: $289.99
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womanizer clitoral sensual stimulatorThe +size has a long, flat handle for even more ergonomic flexibility.

The world's most advanced clitoral stimulator just keeps getting better, now with more reach, 8.5 inches, for customers who might be larger or have a mobility issue. The + Plus Size Womanizer is 2 inches longer, .75 inch deeper than the PRO 40 and now has 12 intensity levels that can go from super soft to super powered but is easy to find the right one for you. The Plus Size is also now 100% waterproof for use underwater for even more options for play.

It's not a vibrator, the Womanizer +Size stimulates using touch-less pulsating pressure waves that feel both gentle and powerful at the same time, allowing for multiple orgasms via the signature patented PleasureAir Technology. Most women report results in 3 minutes or less! If you are looking for a toy that does not require penetration or for those seeking a completely unique new way of reaching climax then the Womanizer Plus Size is perfect for you. The interchangeable suction heads are made of soft, hygienic silicone, and you can easily switch between 12 levels of intensity using the button on the handle until you find the level that's right for you.

how the womanizer Plus + Size stimulation worksLike the other models in the Womanizer line, the + Plus Size comes with interchangeable silicone stimulation heads to find the best size for your body. The revolutionary womanizer technology enables the clitoris to be stimulated without contact for the first time. Therefore, there is a new pleasure experience and no more over-stimulation of the clitoris. Orgasms which up until now haven´t been experienced in this way, this powerful or so often. Many women get a completely new orgasm feeling. The womanizer with its new technology and the way it works, which has nothing to do with a vibrator, is the gentlest and, at the same time, most powerful stimulation device that is on the world market. The Womanizer has received positive reviews by women worldwide and the media alike, and has also won Outstanding Product for Women from AVN at the 2016 ‘O Awards.

Privately Tested For Pleasure!

  • 98% of Women Reached ORGASM in LESS THAN 5 Minutes
  • 76% of Women Described the INTENSITY as VERY STRONG
  • 63% of Women Orgasmed "New Feeling" with the Womanizer
  • 73% of Women Experienced MULTIPLE Orgasms
  • 92% of Women Would USE Womanizer AGAIN!
  • 98% of Women Would like to Own Womanizer
  • 100% QUALIFIED as a UNIQUE Product!
  • 59% of Women Rated Womanizer as Outstanding, 41% Very Good

Fully rechargeable via USB, the Womanizer powers up at any available USB port or with your smartphone charge adapter. An LED indicator light will glow red when a charge-up is needed- once fully recharged, the indicator will show a steady green light.

The Womanizer+ Plus Size is made from ABS Plastic and silky smooth silicone which is hypo-allergenic and easily cleaned and has a plastic base to make it easy to handle. The Womanizer toys are body safe and a great choice for everyone. Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: White, Black, Gold
Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic
Length: 8.5 inch(overall)
Depth: .625 inch(handle), 3.5 inch(head)
Width: 1.25 inch(handle), 2.5 inch(overall)
Powered By: Rechargeable Batteries with magnetic USB charger included
Weight: 3 oz
Additional Information: 12 intensity settings, Touchless stimulation via Pleasure Air technology, precise adjustable intensity regulation, exchangeable stimulation head, for safe and clean use (made of medical silicone), light effect in the dark, attractive design, no adapting effect due to new technology, triggers multiple orgasms, Interchangeable silicone stimulation heads included, absolutely new orgasm feelings, 2 year warranty, Ergonomically shaped, USB Rechargeable, Water proof, Phthalate Free, body-safe, Water Based Lubricant Recommended