Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount & Positioning Cushion Velvish Merlot


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liberator sex furnitureTake flight with a new way to ride your vibe.

One of our customers favorite Liberator Shapes, the Wing is a super-dense body-length foam mount, ideal for straddling and putting you in a comfortable position for masturbation. It works great with dildos, but can also house vibes. When straddling the Wing during solo play, it creates the feeling that you are with your partner. The Red Wing Dual Sex Toy Mount Cushion is compatible with most toys, you receive hands-free pressure and precision wherever you want it. However, we love it best for its use as a couple’s product.

Straddle the Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount & Positioning Cushion in Velvish Merlot and lean over, and, with your torso and hips supported, your partner will have fantastically comfortable access for double penetration. Or, place it under your partner’s knees so he can thrust upwards effortlessly. It has two places to house vibes, and you can place a toy inside the second pocket to vibrate the whole toy mount.

The Liberator Wing Dual Sex Toy Mount Cushion in Velvish Merlot Red is an ergonomically designed positioning mount with super-dense body length foam inside that lets you interact with your favorite vibe or dildo. This shape is ideal for straddling and putting you in a comfortable position for masturbation or intercourse. When straddling the Wing during solo play, it can replicate the feeling that you're with your lover. This uniquely shaped sex cushion is one of the best couple’s products we sell. Just straddle the Wing, lean over and with your torso and hips supported, your partner will have comfortable access to your naughty bits for double penetration or pegging.

Or, place the Liberator Wing Dual Sex Toy Mount Cushion under your partner’s knees so he or she can thrust upwards effortlessly. On one side of the Wing it holds your favorite toy erect such as the Tantus The Vamp Super Soft Silicone Dildo for internal stimulation. The pocket on the end of the Liberator Wing Dual Sex Toy Mount encases your vibrating toy like the LELO Mona 2 Vibrator to provide external vibration to the entire mount. Go ahead and ride bareback, hands free or bring along a co-pilot. Liberator Wing will change the way you play with toys as you explore new ways of achieving orgasmic pleasure. Works best with a toy that has a base width of 1.25 inches to 3 inches.

All you need is your favorite toy and a little creativity. Recommended with toys that have a base diameter between 1.25" and 3". A good choice for a dildo or vibe might be the Femme Funn Vortex Series Pirouette Turbo Wireless 9-function Rotating Rabbit-style Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator, the BMS Naked Addiction 8 inch Realistic Dual Density Incredifeel Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup, the Tantus Adam Super Soft Realistic Silicone Dildo Wine  or a Blush Novelties Luxe Ai Silicone G-Spot Dong in Blue. The Wing is available in 4 colors of Velvish such as Velvish Plum PurpleVelvish Midnight BlackVelvish Espresso Brown and Velvish Merlot Red.

  • One side holds your favorite dildo or vibrator erect for internal stimulation.
  • Side two encases the sex toy to provide external vibration to the entire mount.
  • Comfortable width for straddling and for anal or vaginal penetration.
  • Creates an elevated platform for use with a partner during sex or oral.
  • Recommended with toys that have a base diameter between 1.25" and 3".
  • Measurement in inches: 24" Long x 15" Wide x 9" High
  • Delivered in vacuum eco-compressed 60% smaller packaging.

Color: Velvish Merlot Red
Materials: Microfiber; Cover: Machine-washable microsuede; Liner: Polyester; Foam: Fully supportive polyurethane
Length: 24 inches
Width: 15 inches, 9 inches tall
Weight: 5 lbs

Note: These hand built to order at the manufacturer in the USA and due to covid restrictions and staffing issues the orders have been taking 7-10 business days not including any holidays. Your Liberator product is only shipped via UPS so delivery can take a day or longer than Priority Mail.

When Liberator set about redesigning our packaging they were concerned about two things: how to make it more convenient at the point of purchase and how it would affect the world around us. Before we could envision how our products could be more easily carried out of a store, we had to consider what path it must travel to get there. Our Shapes are large, high density foam pieces leaving us with a difficult product to reduce in size.

In order to cut down the dimensions Liberator developed a revolutionary vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from Shapes without compromising the integrity of the product. This allows our Liberator Shapes to leave our Atlanta manufacturing facility in a box that is 60% smaller than our previous packaging. As our boxes shrink, so does our carbon footprint.

With less space necessary for shipping, they use less fuel for deliveries and fewer paper products for packaging, reducing our impact on the environment. For our customers this means they get an easy-to-carry package in a store, or a small, discreet kraft box when ordering online. Just like we have redefined the bedroom, we are redefining the way we impact the world around us.