MOD Designs E/S Dual Channel Electrosex Control Box Kit

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665 Leather MOD Designs E/S ElectroStim Electrosex gearFirst we loved you... you'll be shocked at what we're going to do to you next!

The MOD Designs E/S Dual Channel Electrosex Control Box Kit is the heart of any electrostim collection (and is essential in any electrical component). Unlike most control boxes on the market, this Dual Channel Electrosex Control Box is FDA approved and features separate intensity adjustment for both outputs, adjustable speed, intensity mode and 3 stimulation modes. The large digital display is easy to read and the device can be preset and locked for uninterrupted play. You're in control of the rhythm and intensity so experiment alone or with a partner for the ultimate in sensory play.

The two separately controllable channels on the MOD Designs E/S Dual Channel Electrostim Control Box allow you to connect two toys at once for more pleasure alone or together. The channels can be configured manually or you may choose from the 3 different programs already prepared for your convenience. With the MOD Designs E/S Electrosex Stimulator Kit, there's no limit to your fantasy: you can have it all – from soft to hard. We've included a clip on the back so you can always keep the control box nearby.

Whether you've heard of Electrosex, e-stim, electrostimulation or not, chances are you've heard of TENS (Trans-dermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy before. TENS technology has been used for years in the medical profession as an alternative treatment for pain. Now, after realizing the awesome benefits of body-safe electrical pulses, TENS has been given a new lease of life in the kink industry.

Forget any preconceptions you may have about what electrostim is like or who it's for. Many assume it must be painful, scary or only for 'hardcore S&M players'. BZZZZ - wrongo bongo! (I mean, we literally just told you its used for pain management so that's gotta tell you something right?) With 2 channels, 4 electrodes and a user-friendly interface, this fully customizable kit provides 100% tailored sensation that's as gentle or as intense as you want it to be.

Thoughtfully designed to get you interested and priced to keep you coming back, the MOD Designs Electronic Stimulation Line is your one-stop shop for a new and electrifying way to play. 

Compatible with all MOD Designs E/S Accessories, Buy your Electrosex Gear now. To get the most from this kit we advise reading the instruction booklet thoroughly before play and using it with a quality electrostim conductivity enhancing gel to ensure you enjoy maximum satisfaction. Included in the box are: Control Box Two 46" lead wires One 9-Volt battery and Instruction manual.

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