Munkey Barz Sex Belt with Love Handles White

Munkey Barz

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munkey barz sex beltThe Munkey Barz Sex Belt is the ultimate harness for total control.

Now you can get the hottest adult sex toy on the market delivered to your front door. The White Munkey Barz Sex Belt with Love Handles are Handle Bars for your Hips is an innovative, hand made, and revolutionary new sex-belt that will bring a little extra excitement into the bedroom. Revolutionizing sexual mobility, creating a whole host of previously impossible, or at least, gymnast-caliber position possibilities, and lending a much sexier meaning to the phrase 'love handles', the Munkey Barz system is an incredibly simple, yet fantastically effective way to boost, support and control sexual maneuvers. Comprised of two sturdy, stylized grip handles that are 4.5 inches long on a comfortably padded leather waist belt, the unisex Munkey Barz Sex Belt with Love Handles sit comfortably and securely mid-body to guide the wearer through desired sex acts.

munkey barzs positionsWe have all wished for the ultimate grip on our sex partner and with Munkey Barz Handle Bars for your hips, now you can have it. Have total control over your partner for deeper penetration and to enhance all positions. Among many other possible uses, the Munkey Barz easily create stability and much improved thrusting power in classic from-behind positions, work as a restraint to keep hips in check in man-on-top, and offers a whole lot more control over oral sex for both partners (depending on who's wearing the belt!) Flexible and padded all the way around, the belt portion cushions the skin comfortably- the Munkey Barz have to fit very snugly for maximum effect, so the extra plush lining will be much appreciated. There are 3 sizes available with a size to fit almost anyone, the snugger the better. Available Pink , White or Black plus a custom built Bondage & Fetish Belt with Restraints. A special Munkey Barz logo Storage bag included.

Munkey Barz is an innovative and revolutionary new sex-belt that will bring a little extra excitement into the bedroom. 2012 Sybarite Award... "People's Choice Favorite Product of the Year"... also nominated for 2012 AVN "O" award... nominated for 2013 XBIZ award... nominated for 2013 AVN Award. Belt MUST fit tight, in order for it to work as intended! Also available in a Fetish version with handcuffs. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery due to demand!

Color: White, Black
Length: Adjustable(belt), 4.5 inch(handles)
Width: 4.25 inch(belt), 1.75 inch(handles)
Waist Size:

  • Small: 26"-36" Waist
  • Medium: 29"39" Waist
  • Large: 33"-43" Waist

Special Features: Travel Bag included

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