Myhixel Anatomical Sleeve Replacement Insert


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myhixel male pleasure deviceMyhixel can be used by all men, irrespective of size.

Unlike other existing products, the Myhixel Anatomical Sleeve Replacement Insert has been designed and manufactured so that they feel the same sensations as they would during real penetration. Its neutral opening and color give the Anatomical Insert a discreet and functional design, with a surprisingly pleasant interior, which is flexible, adaptable and tremendously soft. The Myhixel Anatomical Sleeve has a silky smooth surface that you can really feel the vibrations through.

The Myhixel I TR 10-function App-Controlled Rechargeable Male Pleasure Device has an exclusively-designed interior, created by a team of sexologists and technicians to maximize male pleasure. Thanks to its Anatomical design with high-end materials they will experience the most realistic penetration experience on the market, giving them greater sexual pleasure. It’s a pioneering system that combines the fun experience of MYHIXEL Play TR with the advanced pleasure device, Myhixel I, to achieve total ejaculatory control and enjoy your progress at the same time. 

This Myhixel Accessory is made from ThermoPlastic Elastomer(TPE) with hypoallergenic, odorless and non-toxic materials for your skin. TPE is a realistic sex toy material that is most commonly used because it warms to body temperature quickly and feels as close to the real things as possible. Use lots of your favorite water-based lube for the most memorable experience. Always use a water-based Lubricant, it is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes.

After use, the sleeve should be rinsed thoroughly (inside and out) using warm soapy water or a good Toy Cleaner fluid or foaming toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. To keep your TPRTPEUltraSkynCyberskinFanta Fleshreal skinUR3UR5 masturbators and all FleshLight or FleshJack toys ready for the next play session. It's important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away, to help make drying easier use the Pleasure Products USA Absorbing Drying Wand for Male Masturbators & Strokers that just slides in.

With regular use, the sleeve might get a bit sticky, if this happens, just sprinkle it liberally with cornstarch or FleshLight Renewing Powder to restore softness, to store it also coat it lightly with other equivalent renewing powder like Cyberskin Renew Powder or Main Squeeze Refresh Powder. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. 

Color: Light Grey
Material: TPE
Length: 8.11 inch(sleeve, overall)
Insertable Length:  6.5 inch
Insertable Width: 1.25 inch, unstretched(sleeve)
Width: 2.5 inch, unstretched(sleeve)
Blowjob Machine Powered By: USB Cable
Weight: 6 oz

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