Mystim Egg-Cellent Egon Lustegg BiPolar Electrosex Pelvic Floor Trainer Large


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mystim electrosex estim productsOur Egg-cellent Egon lust egg allows a very deep penetration which makes it especially attractive.

The weight and dimensions of the Mystim Egg-Cellent Egon Lustegg BiPolar Electrosex Pelvic Floor Trainer Large is perfectly designed to help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor which includes your PC muscles also called Kegels and enhances the blood flow in the vagina. Even without any current it stimulates the vagina with every move you make. Once the stimulation current is activated, the entire abdomen is filled with a deep and pleasant tingling sensation that can keep you going for hours or lead you to new intense and ecstatic heights. These unique insertable eggs are not only just for intimate pleasure and foreplay, but also are ideal training for your pelvic region for an overall healthier body. 

With its compact dimensions, the Egg-cellent Egon Lust Egg is able to stay in place inside your body no matter how hard you move, even when you are happily walking around with your new discreet workout companion. The Large Egg-Cellent Egon Lustegg is 1.57 inches wide and 2.75 inches long so it makes a great intermediate product since it is not too big but will still provide even novice and advanced users the stimulation they want. When you apply the electrostimulation current, it lets you feel the sensation with every little movement as the current passes through your entire pelvic region and flows through the Mystim Egg-Cellent Egon Lustegg Kegel Trainer in Large with a deep, pleasant tingling and prickling. You are in complete control of your personal preferences, you will determine the intensity you want from the Egg-cellent Egon. You also know if you prefer your eggs soft or hard. The training effect with this Egg-cellent Egon lovingly makes sure you have a lot of fun while being good for you.

The Mystim Egg-cellent Egon comes in two sizes:

Generally speaking, electrosex is the sensual inclusion of electronic impulses during sexual activity. You may have also heard it called electrosstimulation, in short e-stim, e-stimulation and TENS. Electrosex or e-stim devices and toys literally speak to our bodies language fluently without the need for a translation, the electrical impulse goes straight to the brain! This electronic stimulation of your body leads to phenomenal excitement that we release a lot of endorphins. In our private parts there are particularly many sensitive nerve endings, just waiting there like a big playground for the raging e-stim impulses. The term electrosex stands for a broad and exciting field of erotic electrical stimulation, which can range from gentle foreplay to intensive penetration to long climaxes. Using specialized accessories sometimes called e-stim toys or e-stim devices you can go from tender to hard and from stimulating to exciting. This unique tingling sensation, bringing ecstasy to the whole body, can be enjoyed alone or in pairs or even in threes.

Straight into happiness, only a few centimeters and the two poles of this compact Mystim electrosex vaginal egg is isolated already. To activate the electrical poles, you will need a device like the Mystim Cluster Buster Wireless EStim Electrosex Stimulator KitMystim Tension Lover Nervstimulator E-Stim Power Box Kit or the Mystim Pure Vibes Analogue Electrosex Stimulator Kit. And off you go with the electrical stimulation. Already as you get stretched the current starts to tickle, tingle and pulsate nicely on you. Your trip down the tubes can even be spiced up by simply warming your aluminum estim product on the heating before you play … or by cooling him down in the fridge. Let yourself be spoiled by this tingly and lustful pleasure for hours on hours, if that is what you want. You can also vary the stimulation in a way that drives you to one thrilling climax after another. Or you can save yourself mere moments before cumming. Just like you wish … and just how you adjust the setting.

The Mystim Lustegg is made of hygienic medical-grade aluminium and carefully polished by hand. Somebody that brilliant shouldn’t go into hiding at all but some benefactors simply love to work in secret. They love to work hard and with pleasure to create unforgettable moments. And they are hard to stop in their progress. For extra kicks, it can be warmed on the heater or cooled in the refrigerator: it is designed to retain the temperature for an extended period of time. Just use some water and mild suds to clean it or use some Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. and regularly put some skin-friendly disinfection to it. After it is completely dried off it is ready for the next large-scale operation.

Materials: Hand polished medical aluminum
Length: 2.75 inch
Width: 1.57 inch
Weight: 7 oz
24 month manufacturers warranty

Please Note: Mystim accessories can be used with other electrosex power boxes besides the Mystim power units, it requires adapters, sold separately. Connect to alternate estim power box at your own risk, we are not responsible for malfunction due to misuse.

Safety, Care and Usage
Always clean your Mystim estim toys before and after use with warm water and soap. Pat dry.

Please Note: Mystim accessories can only be used with the Mystim power units unless otherwise specified.