Satisfyer Men One Non-Gender Specific Adjustable Pressure Stroker Male Masturbator


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satisfyer men male masturbatorPerfect Pressure every time with a unique mix of vaginal & oral sex.

With the Satisfyer Men One Non-Gender Specific Adjustable Pressure Stroker Male Masturbator you decide on the perfect level of pressure to fulfill your fantasies. Engulf your penis into a soft silicone sleeve with a variety of resistance sensations that inspire you to feel visceral ecstasy and a vast, intense climax. The Satisfyer Men One Stroker has a unique pump feature for width regulation and adjust the tightness to your preference with an innovative internal pressure regulator creates a varying suction effect and a sleeve made from super-soft cyberskin material.

This revolution in masturbation comes in a sporty design and provides breathtaking orgasms. The Men One Adjustable Pressure Male Masturbator is not just any toy. The adjustable tightness and negative pressure make these male masturbators ideal for stimulating the entire penis with directive force and sensual stimulation. With the added bonus of interchangeable sleeves offering a variety of shapes and sensations, The Satisfyer Men Masturbators always keep things surprising and excitingly blissful.

It ensures the most intense stimulation with a surprise awaiting you within the classic super soft interior made of TPE, a unique air cushion that quickly turns into a love cushion. This removable inner sleeve features flexible walls that sensually caress the shaft of the penis while enticing the sensitive tissues within to dive deeper. 

As you travel through the density within the chamber’s walls, a unique suction-pull is activated which summons your shaft into firmer intensity and sustained arousal. The Satisfyer Men One Non-Gender Specific Adjustable Pressure Stroker comes with the Chambers of Pleasure Non-Gender Specific Sleeve, it features flexible walls the caress the penis shaft while teasing the sensitive internal tissues. As you go deeper into the chamber's walls, a unique vacuum & tug creates increased intensity and encourages sustained arousal.

Developed with input from Porn Superstar Rocco Siffredi, the Satisfyer Men One Male Stroker adapts to every penis size for the most perfect orgasm ever. The mix of oral sex & vaginal sex is ensured by the unique pump action feature which can be used to adjust the desired width, and the innovative internal pressure regulator. Requiring no batteries, it is ready whenever you are! With a few squeezes of its sleek case, you’ll feel the Satisfyer Men’s silky smooth stroking sleeve grip your goods tighter and tighter.

It’s all thanks to air pressure control, as you squeeze the black silicone case, air pumps out of the chamber to give the stroker a tighter, more blowjob-like feel. Keep squeezing and see just how naughty the sensation gets. Then thrust in and experience the magic as its ribbed inner love tunnel of the Chambers of Pleasure strokes you just the right way. Adjust the air pressure at any time by pressing the small release buttons on the sides of the stroker. Or twist the base of the Satisfyer Men’s case open a little or a lot to lessen or release the pressure.

The novel pump feature allows you to add or release air during use at the touch of a button. With full control of the Satisfyer Men, you are the lord of its intensity and your desire. It gets looser, It gets tighter. To change up your stroking time you are able to buy additional textured interchangeable Satisfyer Men Sleeves that just slip in like the original and with 6 different styles you can choose a different one everyday of the week. Not only does the Satisfyer Men One Male Masturbator guarantee sensational orgasms, it also looks amazing.

This orgasm miracle provider has a solid black & blue ABS plastic sheath with soft lateral parts made of silicone. This offers a surface with a firm grip, while still letting you use the pump function. Thanks to this innovative pump function, the Satisfyer Men One adapts perfectly to your prize body part, massaging you unerringly towards climax. If you wish to return to the original width at any point, simply turn the tip to regulate the suction and thus the narrowness of the sleeve. The Satisfyer Men Chambers of Pleasure Non-Gender Specific Optional Sleeve is also sold separately along 5 more optional Satisfyer Men One inner sleeve textures, each with their own unique design for a new thrill every time you stroke.

Thanks to the internal pressure regulator, you experience an arousing suction effect which will have you hooked in the blink of an eye! That’s not a problem, however, as another highlight of the Satisfyer Men is that it requires no batteries - so it’s perfect for satisfying your insatiable lust. It even cast a spell over Rocco Siffredi! With a sporty lifestyle design and a textured sleeve made of super soft cyberskin material with an internal pressure regulator to have the best stroking experience available.

Stressed at work? Relax with the Satisfyer Men, where you decide on the level of pressure. The innovative internal pressure regulator caters to your needs by providing a range of soft to strong negative pressure fit to your liking. The sexy effect: the Satisfyer Men virtually engulfs your penis, bringing you to an intense climax. Long live variety, in addition to the original sleeve, you can order 6 different “pleasure tunnels” to treat your favourite body part to endless enjoyment.

The Satisfyer Men Classic case is made of ABS Plastic, Silicone and ThermoPlastic Elastomer(TPE), a realistic sex toy material that feels as close to the real things as possible. Use lots of your favorite water-based lube like the TitanMen Hydro Play Water-Based Glide Lubricants or some Jesse Jane's Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Water-based Lube for the most memorable experience. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes.

After use just carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try some Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. To keep your TPRTPEUltraSkynCyberskinFanta Fleshreal skinUR3UR5 masturbator and all FleshLight or FleshJack toys ready for the next play session, use some renewing powder like Sensuva Think Clean Thoughts Toy Powder for StrokersCyberskin Renew Powder or Main Squeeze Refresh Powder after it is clean and dry. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Black, Blue, Vanilla Flesh
Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic, TPE
Length: 9.9 inch(overall)
Insertable Length: 8.6 inch(overall)
Width: 3.375 inch by 2.6 inch(outside)
Powered By: You
Weight: 17.6 oz
Additional Information: instant orgasms, Easy to clean, Waterproof for even more fun underwater, Medical-grade silicone,