Tenga U.S. Original Vacuum Cup Ultra Size Stroker Male Masturbator


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tenga sex toys made in JapanDo you need a little more room to grow?

The Tenga U.S. Original Vacuum Cup Ultra Size Stroker Male Masturbator features an amazing new, improved super vacuum effect. The U.S. or Ultra Size Stroker was designed specifically for larger men and it's the best orgasm you'll ever have! The Ultra Size Edition Onacup Masturbator gently grasps your member and is designed with unbelievably sensitive nubs and curves, as well as a special suction feature that perfectly simulates realistic blow jobs.

The U.S. Original Vacuum Cup Ultra Size Stroker has more of the same raised ribs and nodules that stimulate the length of your shaft inside the Original Vacuum Cup Stroker and the longer hourglass shape grips tightly for out-of-this-world pleasure with sublime tightness. Like most of the disposable cups this one comes pre-lubricated so you can play as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. With built-in special valves creating a virtual vacuum inside the Ultra Size Onacup Masturbator to deliver an amazing sucking sensation. To create a strong internal vacuum, simply remove the sticker at the top of the cup before use and cover with your finger while using.

The features the smooth pad insertion mechanism that not only offers extra adherence, air-tightness and less lubricant leakage, but will automatically apply lubricant to your shaft as you insert! There are 6.77 insertable inches of intricate nubs, ribs and bumps inside to stimulate your penis while the narrow 0.5 inch opening offers a super tight grip for incredibly realistic sensations. 

We have the optional Tenga Accessories to enhance your masturbatory experience! Upgrade the sensations for your Tenga Original Vacuum Cup products by boosting the suction strength with Tenga VC Vacuum Controller Male Masturbator Accessory, or heat things up with the Tenga Hole Warmer for Stroker! Experience Suction like none other! You can use the Tenga VC Vacuum Controller Accessory so you can have Vacuum control at your fingertips that allows you to manipulate vacuum pressure inside TENGA Cup VC Series items through a simple button-press! Vacuum strength sensation is subjective and may differ from person to person. The Hole Warmer is an easy-to-use, re-usable product warmer designed to let you enjoy body-warmth self-pleasure at any time, for an affordable price! With its discreet Japanese design at 6 inches long with a .25 inch thickness and amazing ease of use make this the perfect edition to your Tenga toys.

The Tenga Line of toys are made from ThermoPlastic Elastomer(TPE), a realistic sex toy material that warms to body temperature quickly and feels as close to the real things as possible. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Material: TPE, PolyEthylene
Texture: multiple
Measurements: 7.13 inch by 3.15 inch(overall), 6.77 inch(insertable length)
Lubricant Ring Lubricant: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, IPBC
Internal Lubricant: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, IPBC *Lubricants certified by EU Directive 76/768/EEC toxicological assessment.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

The “VC” Stands for “Vacuum Compatible” – these new items are compatible with TENGA’s Vacuum Controller. This means you can enjoy strong, electronic vacuum suction if you use the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC with a Vacuum Controller! The products are also designed to provide stronger suction with a new internal suction and a band to hold the sleeve in place – even without use of the Vacuum Controller!