Sylvie Monthule Jewels in Harmony Black Double 34mm Geisha Balls with Gold Loop

Sylvie Monthule

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sylvie monthule luxury body jewelryThese insertable black double geisha ball set has a gold chain and ring that is simply exquisite.

This hand cast and heavy 18K Gold plated Ring that is attached to a 7.5 inch chain with two insertable Black Orbs attached. These orbs are 34mm or 1.375 inches wide so you will feel them, they will feel great being gently pulled on during orgasm. This set can be worn by men or women, it's perfect to provide wonderful sensations and an excellent look under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all that only those who you inform as to why your smiling. Suitable for all day wear. This piece of jewelry goes great with any of the other Sylvie Monthule Erotic Body Jewelry line.

  • Jewelry Finishes: 18K Gold plated(10 microns)
  • Gold 7.5 inch chain with a ring attached
  • Double Insertable 34mm or (1.375") Black Orbs, also available with Blue and Violet Orbs

A work of fine art you can wear. We are proud to exclusively offer the fine works of renowned Parisian artist, Sylvie Monthule in North America. All Sylvie Monthule items are handmade in France, with high quality materials. " Body Jewelry in harmony with one's self and nature."