Sylvie Monthule Womens Silver Penis Excitement G-String

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A work of fine art you can wear.

We are proud to exclusively offer the fine works of renowned Parisian erotic artist, Sylvie Monthule in North America. All Sylvie Monthule items are handmade in France, with high quality hypoallergenic materials.

This Women’s labia surrounding g-string topped with Sylvie’s  sensual “Erect Penis ” motif is simply exquisite. The hand cast and heavy silver plated (10 microns silver over hand cast Tin penis motif) is hypoallergenic.  The labia are surrounded to the sides with delicate chain while the dangling pendants gentle tap on the labia and clitoral area as one moves.   The G-String’s soft cotton elastic waistband holds it perfectly in place to provide wonderful sensations under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all. The comfortable thong type elastic waist band is suitable for all day wear. Also available in Gold, see ST198. Available in sizes S (Waist 24-26″), M (Waist 26-29″), L (Waist 30-32″), XL (Waist 33-35″), & XXL (Waist 35-43″) & 3XL (Waist 43-50″).& 3XL (Waist 43-50″)

” Hand crafted Erotic G string Jewelry in harmony with one’s body and desires.”