Wet Warming Fun Flavors - Black Cherry - 4 in 1 Lubricant 1 Oz


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Ignite your passion with the WARMING DELIGHTS wet personal lubricant. This glycerin-based formula creates a warming sensation on the skin, enhancing your intimate moments with delightful warmth. Explore new levels of pleasure during vaginal sex, digital stimulation, toy play, and safe for oral exploration. Elevate your experiences with the sensual warmth of WARMING DELIGHTS Black Cherry.

Fun Flavors Black Cherry Warming Lubricant adds a whole new level to an already incredible experience. Not only does Wet Black Cherry allow you to tease and seduce your partner, but the warming sensation of this formula allows you to feel the pleasure in new and intense ways. The tongues will be so busy with this incredible lubricant that you won’t have time to show off your stem tying skills! Take your partner (or yourself) on a sensory journey with the scent and taste of cherries and a warming sensation that increases with motion or gentle blowing.

Looking to try something new with your partner? Use Wet Fun Flavors to create a tasty trail from one erogenous zone to the next, leading your partner to places they'd never thought of, and you've only dreamed of! Not for those with sensitive skin.

This 510K cleared/accepted product was formulated and manufactured in house at the Wet Lube facility in Las Vegas, NV, following all cGMP manufacturing standards and adhering to strict FDA guidelines for medical devices. We pride ourselves on using quality ingredients and delivering a quality product to you. All our products are tested to ensure they meet our highest quality standards, and are NEVER tested on animals.

Available in Multiple sizes 1oz, 4oz

• Black Cherry
• Flavored, delicious tastes for sensory play
• Warming sensation on the skin
• Toy safe and latex compatible
• Clear non-staining
• Sugar free
• Made in USA
• Washes away easily with warm water
• Ideal for oral, intercourse, massage, and solo play

Ingredients: Glycerin, Flavor/Aroma