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4 Dirty Ways To Have More Fun Social Distancing

4 Dirty Ways To Have More Fun Social Distancing

Posted by @HotGirlVideos69 on 23rd Mar 2020

How To Have Fun Social Distancing

We know. This sucks.

Being stuck inside the house all fucking day because a life-changing alien virus is spreading the globe seems straight out of a sci-fi movie. It's like we're living in Half-Life 2, or like the Postman featuring Kevin Costner was a documentary about our coming lifestyles.

Luckily being stuck inside means you have a lot more time to have sex, even if it's just with yourself.

Below are some products I recommend you try out if you're stuck inside the house with a partner, or even yourself, and you want to make the most of this CORONA SPRING BREAK 2020.

4. Shut them the fuck up.

If you're stuck inside with a fuck buddy, a partner, a spouse, or someone who gets turned on by global pandemic this is the ultimate toy. An Athletic Cup Muzzle it keeps your partners  mouth at a distance while you have some serious fun in these serious time.

Athletic Cup Muzzle

3. Upgrade your gag game

We know what every hetero guy thinks, "God, blowjobs are fun, but I wish mouths were vaginas."

You're in luck, now they are. Well, as long as you get this totally amazing Pussy Mouth Gag that turns yours or a partners mouth into a slipper, velvety fuckhole. You know you're going to love it.

Pussy Mouth Gag

2. A perfect little hole

There are few things in the world as wonderful as a butthole. We've found one that is absolutely delectable. This Annika Albrites Anal Fleshlight is top notch, A+, first-class anus and you will absolute love having your dick inside of it.

Annika Albrite Fleshlight

1.  The TP Of The Future

In a world without toilet paper how are you going to clean up your hoo-hah when you've got a not-infected-with-a-lung-virus partner over? How will you keep your sex toys clean? Here is how. With these Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Wipes from Aneros you can keep your dildos and your vulva clean and clear. Just make sure you stock up so you're not rationing out orgasms. 

Sex Toy Wipes

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