XR Brands Strict Extreme Black Leather Intimate Sling with Metal Swing Stand

MSRP: $899.99
(You save $400.00 )

strict bondage & fetish gearGet ready to pound into ultimate pleasure with everything you need to get the party started.

Put your sub in their place so you can have your way with your play-thing! Easy to assemble whenever the mood strikes, this kit includes a sturdy stand, a beautiful sling, and all the chains and clips you need for comfortable, kinky sex! Since you are able to put this stand up without having to bolt the stand to a wall, door, floor, or ceiling, the stand can sit anywhere in the room giving you maximum choice of venues or views. Keep your partner suspended and within reach, with this exquisite bondage sling allows you to access your partner while they are suspended in the air, spread open and waiting for you. The unique design features built-in welded rings to securely attach the carabiners and chains to. With a maximum weight limit of 400lbs, you could also use the rings to attach your partner to the stand, if you want to be creative in your sexual play.

The luxurious leather-lined sling 38 inches long and 21 inches wide, it offers full access to your partner while they are suspended in the air, spread open and waiting for you. The adjustable design allows them to lie back and place their feet in the included, but removable stirrups. The padded pillow will cradle their head, with adjustable straps at the head that allows you to raise or lower their upper bodies. The stirrups are detachable with strong metal carabiners, and the advanced material reduces some of the weight for easier transport. When you are done, the swing wipes off quickly and the stand disassembles easily for discreet storage. 

The leather material used in the construction of the swing is heavy, while retaining a price point that is accessible for more bondage enthusiasts! Designed for easy storage and transport, this stand has the ability to go wherever you go, the heavy duty Sex Swing Stand lets you enjoy your favorite sex swing in new and exciting ways. Constructed of heavy duty steel, the 82 inch tall Sex Sling & Swing Stand has a footprint of 85 inches wide and 58 inches deep and is compatible with most models of swings, including the 360 swing, it gives you new freedom. Avoid damage to your walls, doors, or ceiling by hanging your sling on a stand instead! Once assembled (all you'll need is the included assembly tool) just hook on your favorite swing and have fun. The swing includes rings, built-in, so that you can attach a sling, if you so desire. 

Enter the bondage world with this new STRICT line of products! Every item from STRICT is made of high quality materials and tested to handle serious play, without the high cost. STRICT offers all the essentials for any couple that wants to explore and start bondage play. Don't be timid, be STRICT! The body-safe Silicone, Leather and PU Leather is a vegan friendly material that is easy to clean, and will last for years. After use, carefully wipe the toy with a damp rag and dry. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Silver, Black
Materials: Leather, Nylon, Metal, Steel, Super Fiber
Size: Assembled stand is approximately 82 inches tall with a footprint of 85 by 58 inches at the base. Sling is 38 inches in length, 21 inches in width.
Powered By: You
Weight: 60 lbs
Notes:Includes stand, 4 chains, 8 spring snap clips, sling, and 2 removable stirrups. 4 rings are welded to the stand, as well.
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