Sex During Covid-19 - Self Gratification While Being Self Quarantined -

Sex During Covid-19 - Self Gratification While Being Self Quarantined -

Posted by @HotGirlVideos69 on 20th Apr 2020

Sex During COVID-19

I am losing my goddamn mind. I am sure you are as well. Without video games, movies, and masturbation I would be a dead woman right now.

The only way to get through this time without having your brain break is to get off as many times as possible. Orgasms can sometimes help mental health - or so the experts say.

So, to get the best orgasms of your life and your self-quarantine, please take a look at the sex toys below. Each guaranteed to help you pass this time in a much more pleasurable way!

4.  A REALLY Nice Dildo

Top-Rated Dildo

Everyone needs that ONE very very nice thing. Whether it is a sexy black dress, a really nice chair for gaming, or a fancy set of pearls - this is that kind of dildo. Use it to fuck yourself or your CORONAPARTNER silly while you're stuck indoors! Click the link below to purchase.

3. A Self-Cunnilingus Machine

Clit Sucking Sex Toy

What self-respecting Clit Owner doesn't want it sucked on lovingly? This toy is perfect for solo play or with a COVID-69er. If you love getting head but can't slide into someone's DMs to get your bean nibbled, this is the toy for you! Click the link below to purchase. ;)

2. Super Sexy Bondage Gear


Being stuck inside is a form of bondage already, right? Well, take it to the next level with this SUPER SEXY purple bondage set that is sure to get you dripping wet while you STAY SAFE, STAY HOME, and GET FUCKED. Click thew link below to purchase.

1. Better Than Toilet Paper

Best Sex Wipes

Don't waste your toilet paper cleaning up after a good fuck session or some solo play ;) These wipes are MADE for cleaning up both before and after dirty play, which is perfect when the lines for TP are a block long. Check them out at the link below!

And that's it! Stay Inside, Stay Safe, and Get Off with these hot COVID-19 Sex Toys! For more great top-rated sex toys click here - and to follow my exploits on Twitter about Sex Work, Sex Toys, and Video Game Leaks click here: Nintendo Leaks