Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Graves Style Speculum

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Rouge Garments BDSM & fetish gear from the UKOpen that hole wide!

The Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Graves Style Speculum is a gynecological instrument used for performing pelvic examinations, Pap Smears, and examining the cervix. It is a double blade duckbill speculum inserted with the blades closed. The blades are opened by an external lever and a screw in the back of this speculum that allows it to be opened to the desired level.

This Graves style vaginal speculum has a lateral ratchet and a detachable lower part which is convertible into the vaginal retractor. The Graves Style Speculum has wider blades than the Pederson Speculum. This speculum combines the thrills of medical and vaginal or anal play, it is made of body safe stainless steel. Based in the UK, Rouge Garments create high quality BDSM, Bondage and Fetish accessories using leather specifically chosen and bought direct from proven and trusted tanneries. 

For additional fun try temperature play, heat or cool these in water before use for further stimulation. This toy is made of Stainless Steel so it can be easily cleaned up with some Toy Cleaner, warm water and then dried before being stored. To keep your toys ready for the next play session, keep them in an Antibacterial Storage Bag or locking case like the Clean Light Laboratories Puritize UVee Home Play UV Lockable Rechargeable Toy Cleaner & Storage Container Onyx & Pearl for even more safe play after your toys are clean and dry. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Large. Blade 4.5 inch x 1.375 inch wide (11.5cm x 3.5cm).
Note: Kit contains 1 vaginal speculum
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